10 Cute Valentine's Day Activities in the UK 2024

January 2nd, 2024

With Valentine’s Day peeking around the corner, we bet you’re on the hunt for original and fun Valentine’s Day activities to enjoy with your special someone. And why not ditch the ordinary this Valentine’s Day 2024 and dive into the extraordinary with our 10 cute Valentine’s Day activities for couples in the UK? Sure, chocolates and roses are sweet, but let’s raise the bar a tad, shall we? If you’re up for an adventure – whether you’re just two peas in a pod or seasoned love veterans – we’ve got a treasure trove of fun Valentine’s Day ideas that’ll spark your connection, deepen your amour, and etch unforgettable memories in your hearts. So buckle up and explore 10 cute Valentine’s Day activities that’ll sweep you off your feet!

10 Cute Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples in the UK

1. Culinary Quest in Brighton

cute valentine's day activities: going to a restaurant
Skip the fancy restaurants and whisk your darling off to Brighton! The bustling lanes are home to fun, uncomplicated cooking classes where you can whip up a storm together in a relaxed, social atmosphere. Once you’ve cooked up a storm in the kitchen, you can enjoy a drink as you indulge in your delicious creation. Or if you’d class you or other half as a lost cause in the kitchen, you could opt for a romantic dinner instead thanks to Brighton’s huge choice of romantic restaurants with world class foods. From spicy Indian curries to tantalising Thai delights, this is your chance to conquer new recipes and spice up your romance.

2. Artistic Escape in Edinburgh

couple hand in hand walking through edinburgh old town at night
Imagine a painting session by the iconic Edinburgh Castle or beneath the historic Calton Hill. With Edinburgh’s romantic aura as your backdrop, you’ll create a masterpiece that captures not just your artistic prowess, but your love story too. If you’d rather spend your Valentine’s Day 2024 indoors, you can sign up to a Paintvine session where you can drink a glass of wine as you paint.

3. A Nostalgic Walking Tour in Oxford

university of oxford
Next on our list of Valentine’s Day ideas, is a nostalgic adventure in Oxford. For this Valentine’s Day activity, you can travel back in time along the charming streets of Oxford. Plan a treasure hunt of your own, where each clue leads you to a spot significant in your love journey. From the first cafe where you exchanged awkward glances to the park where your love blossomed, Oxford becomes your personal love map. Take an Oxford walking tour to fully immerse yourself in the history of this romantic UK city.

4. Early Evening Cruise of York

cruise on the river ouse as a cute valentines day activity
For our fourth Valentine’s Day experience, we’re in York on a romantic evening cruise. With this romantic experience, you can travel down the River Ouse as you take in the sights of this unique UK city. On board there’s even a fully stocked bar with snacks so you can truly relax as you enjoy each others company.

5. Adventurous Discovery in the Lake District

a couple in the lake district enjoying one of the best valentines day experiences
Next on our list of cute Valentine’s Day experiences is a high adventure Lake District tour. Pack a picnic, pop in your favourite playlist, and embark on an adventure in the breathtaking Lake District. Unravel envelopes containing quirky tasks – like crafting a love poem or dancing under the open sky. As you complete each task, you’ll stitch together a tapestry of laughter and shared memories. On this tour, you’ll explore the Langdale Valley, Wrynose and Hardknott mountain passes and Eskdale Valley. This cute Valentine’s Day experience is a must for every nature loving couple.

6. Roman Baths Retreat in Bath

visit the roman baths as one of the best valentines day experiences
This Valentine’s Day, make it extraordinary by immersing yourselves in the historic charm of Bath. Swap the ordinary for the extraordinary with a visit to the Roman baths, where love and luxury have transcended time. Stroll hand in hand amidst the ancient ruins, whispering sweet nothings in an ambiance steeped in history. Explore the thermal waters, take a guided tour to learn about ancient rituals, and let the magic of this romantic setting strengthen the bonds of your love. After your adventure, enjoy a cozy meal at one of Bath’s restaurants, creating memories that will warm your hearts for years to come.

7. Starry-Eyed Evening in Snowdonia

Next on our list of the best Valentine’s Day experiences is a stargazing escapade in Snowdonia that’s nothing short of magical. On Valentine’s Day, you can pitch a tent or cosy up in a glamping pod, and let the night sky be your blanket. With a warm cup of cocoa and the cosmos above, you’ll find that your love story is written in the stars.

8. London Yoga Workshop for Couples

To add an extra layer of intimacy to your Valentine’s Day experience, consider a yoga workshop for couples in London. This serene and mindful practice will deepen your spiritual and emotional connection, complementing your romantic day perfectly. Afterward, you can indulge in a soothing spa session or savor a delicious meal, ensuring that your Valentine’s Day is an unforgettable celebration of love and togetherness.

9. Join the ‘Party Like A Dachshund – Valentine’s Party’ in Inverness

Our next Valentine’s Day experience is a little different – but one dog loving couples can’t miss! As featured on Kingdom FM and in The Scotsman, The Courier, and The Chronicle, this UK Valentine’s Day event is making waves as one of the most talked-about dog gatherings in Scotland and the North of England.

What can you expect at this pawesome party? It’s an hour of off-lead playtime in an indoor arena, with a Valentine’s theme featuring party love songs and adorable photo props. Your furry friend will enjoy unlimited puppuccinos and treats while you mingle with fellow Dachshund owners and explore the offerings of local dog businesses, including treats, accessories, and more. For the humans, there are soft drinks and snacks available, and this family-friendly event even allows kids to join in on the fun. So, bring your other half and the little ones for a day your Dachshund won’t forget – they might just leave saying it was “the best party ever”!

10. Valentine’s Day Cards Workshop

a couple walk in the cotswolds
This Valentine’s Day, let your child’s creativity shine at a Valentine’s Day Cards Workshop hosted at The Corinium Museum. This heartwarming crafting session will help get your littles involved since they can create a beautiful card filled with love for someone dear to their heart.

During this engaging Valentine’s Day activity, kids will have the chance to employ some mosaic skills, spreading good vibes all around. And if your child has more than one valentine, consider them lucky! Additional materials will be readily available for a small fee, allowing your young artist to craft even more heartfelt cards.

Which Valentine’s Day Activity will you Choose?

a couple on valentines day in the UK 2024
As we approach Valentine’s Day, we’ve taken you on a journey through a delightful array of cute Valentine’s Day experiences across the UK. Whether you’re a couple seeking adventure or seasoned lovebirds looking to rekindle the spark, our handpicked selection promises to deepen your connection and create lasting memories. So, this Valentine’s Day 2024, break free from the ordinary and create cherished moments that will warm your hearts for years to come. Whichever Valentine’s Day experience you choose, may it be the perfect ingredient to make your day truly extraordinary. Love knows no bounds, and neither should your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

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cute valentine's day activities activity vouchers
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