The 14 Best Car Experience Gifts

November 29th, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a car enthusiast in your life? Look no further than activity gift vouchers! Our range of car gift experiences is designed to ignite the passion for all things automotive. From roaring supercars to off-road adventures, we have curated a list of the 14 best car gift experiences that can be redeemed with our activity vouchers. Whether you’re gifting a loved one or treating yourself, these experiences promise excitement, adrenaline, and unforgettable memories. Join us as we rev up the engines and explore these thrilling driving experience gifts.

The 14 Best Car Experience Gifts

1. Discovery Rally in 2 CV Car in Lille

a car experience gift in lille
For our first car experience gift, you can embark on a journey like no other as you rally through the picturesque streets of Lille in a vintage 2CV Citroen. With your friends, you’ll solve enigmas as you discover Lille’s hidden gems. Your car experience gift includes stops for local beer, famous waffles, and even a traditional chocolate factory visit. Challenge your team with cultural and fun mysteries about the city, and follow an exciting itinerary that leads to the finish line, all while tasting local products. Your driver-guide provides road books, headscarves, and accessories for added fun on this popular driving gift experience. The competition concludes with a friendly drink closing ceremony and an award for the winners.

2. Drive-It-Yourself Electric Car with Tulip and Flower Fields Audio Tour

one of the most popular car gift experiences is the electric car near the tulip fields experience
Redeem your activity voucher on this incredible driving gift experience and take in the awe-inspiring beauty of tulip and flower fields at your own pace. Hop into an electric 2-person Renault Twizy equipped with GPS navigation and embark on a journey through the famous flower bulb region. Drive amid the vibrant colors and fragrant smells, stopping as often as you like for selfies among the tulip and flower fields. Your route covers 20 kilometers of picturesque countryside and leads you to an authentic flower bulb nursery. Along the way, your audio guide will share fascinating facts about the area and its tulips. Enjoy the freedom of cruising down country roads, parking beside the fields, and soaking in the sea of flowers up close. Driving a Renault Twizy is easy and fun, and you’ll undoubtedly attract attention on the road.

3. 2-Hour GoCar Essentials Tour

For our third car experience gift, you can get to know Lisbon on an electric convertible car for up to two people. Embark on an interactive sightseeing experience that lets you turn any place on Earth into an amusement park. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, Spinach electric cars describe what you’re seeing in an entertaining and cultured way. Roam freely through Lisbon, choosing your path, places to visit, and perfect spots to park this incredible convertible while discovering the town, its architecture, and historic sights. You can choose from four different routes: Alfama, Belém, the city centre, or the new avenues.

4. Malmö in 30 minutes in a Tesla

a Tesla in Malmö Sweden for a unique driving experience gift
If you’re in Malmö for a short visit and have an activity voucher that you want to redeem, why not take a spin in a Tesla? This exclusive Tesla gift experience accommodates up to 6 people per car and whisks you through the city’s top attractions. Along the way, you’ll make two photo stops so you can capture memories of your private Tesla gift experience. Plus, you’ll have an audio guide narrated by a certified local expert, providing fascinating insights about the places you’ll see.

5. Self-Guided Day Tour of Belfast with Car Rental

Elevate your Dublin trip with an exciting drive north to Belfast. Enjoy the convenience of two pre-organized activities and a delectable two-course lunch. After picking up your rental car, embark on a scenic journey through Ireland’s lush countryside—a mere hour and a half drive. Upon arriving in Belfast, explore the Cathedral Quarter and its vibrant St. George’s Market. Savor a mouthwatering two-course meal at the Duke of York before delving into the Titanic Experience, a must-see attraction in the city where the ill-fated ship was constructed.

6. Carmel and The 17-Mile Drive tour

a driving gift experience in carmel california
If you’re looking for a driving experience gift that combines the thrill of the open road with stunning coastal views and iconic destinations, then this is the adventure for you. With your activity gift voucher, you can embark on a picturesque journey along California’s spectacular coastline, starting from San Francisco. As you cruise along Highway 1, you’ll have the chance to explore Steinbeck’s Cannery Row and enjoy expert guide commentary. But the excitement doesn’t stop there—travel through the renowned 17-Mile Drive, where you’ll catch sight of the legendary Pebble Beach Golf Course and have opportunities for captivating photo stops. The driving experience gift concludes in the charming coastal town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, where you can leisurely stroll through its enchanting streets, filled with delightful shops and beautiful architecture. This is your chance to experience the beauty of California’s coast, all while satisfying your passion for driving and exploration.

7. Full-day Sidecar Tour of the Loire Valley from Amboise

one of the best car gift experiences is taking a sidecar in france
Get ready to unlock a unique and offbeat car gift experience in the enchanting Loire Valley. With your leisure voucher, you’ll have the chance to embark on a remarkable driving experience through the region’s castles and wineries. Picture yourself on board a vintage sidecar, chauffeured by knowledgeable local siders who are true ambassadors of the Touraine region. Their passion for the Renaissance era will transport you as they share the most secretive stories and anecdotes about the magnificent châteaux you’ll visit. On the day of your car experience gift, you can select from exclusive itineraries, each including visits to historical monuments or wineries.

8. Private Midnight Sun Tour in Tromsø in a TeslaX Car

one of the best car gift experiences is driving a tesla in norway
Car enthusiasts, get ready for an extraordinary adventure! Witness the mesmerising midnight sun phenomenon in Norway’s north, from May to August. With your activity gift card, you can ride in an eco-friendly Tesla Model X electric car. Drive through stunning fjords and mountains to Kvaløya Island, where the sun shines in the middle of the night. Your guide will capture photos and share local stories. This is a must-do driving experience for car enthusiasts visiting Tromsø in the summer months.

9. Madeira Old Road West: Sidecar Tour

Rev up your passion for driving with this extraordinary car experience gift in Funchal. Tailor the tour to your interests and visit Funchal’s old town, city centre, and scenic spots. Journey to Câmara de Lobos, a unique fishing village, and immerse yourself in its history, local products, and cuisine. Capture stunning photos and then head to Cabo Girão, one of Europe’s highest sea cliffs, with its thrilling Skywalk glass floor at 580m above sea level. Take in breathtaking views of the sea, Câmara de Lobos, Funchal, and the Desert Islands on the horizon. On your way back to Funchal, don’t miss the optional opportunity to taste the local drink, “Poncha,” at the Centre of Câmara de Lobos.

10. Vintage Sidecar Motorcycle Sightseeing Tour of Calgary

calgary driving gift experience
Next on our list of the best driving gift experiences is a vintage sidecar tour of Calgary, Canada. Relax and enjoy the ride as you wind your way through Calgary’s historic locations, including the picturesque Eau Claire, vibrant Kensington, and artsy Inglewood districts. Along the way, your driver will provide fascinating insights into the sights you pass. Make sure to have your camera ready, as you’ll have the opportunity to stop at iconic spots like Scotsman’s Hill and Crescent Heights Park for some unforgettable photos. Experience the city’s sights, sounds, and scents from a completely unique perspective. Everything you need for this open-air adventure is provided, from helmets and rain ponchos to in-helmet group communications.

11. One-hour Guided Tour of Old-Montreal in a Vintage Convertible Car

one of the best driving experience gifts is renting a classic convertible car
This 1-hour private driving gift experience is perfect for those with a busy schedule but a desire to explore the historical heart of the Old-City Montreal. Founded in 1642, this 17th-century French settlement boasts fascinating architecture, including the breathtaking Notre-Dame Basilica, Bonsecours Market, charming cobblestone streets, the old port area, and much more. Soak up the sun in style as you uncover the beauty and history of Montreal.

12. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Self-Driving Tour

driving experience gift in the smoky mountains USA
Our next car gift experience combines nature and driving as you’ll navigate the scenic mountain roads while delving into fascinating Cherokee legends and history, all from the comfort of your car. Discover legendary spots like Rainbow Falls and Clingmans Dome, and gain insights into the park’s intricate ecosystem. This self-guided driving experience gift lets you explore the beauty and culture of the Smoky Mountains at your own pace, with audio stories to enhance the experience.

13. Chevrolet Camaro Drag Racing Driving Experience

Chevrolet Camaro in dubai
If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a pro drag racer, this driving experience gift is your perfect introduction. Upon arriving at gate 7, you’ll receive a briefing and registration from the Yas Drag Racing Centre’s chief instructor, ensuring your safety and providing valuable insights into the world of drag racing. You’ll also undergo reaction training in the simulator room, where you’ll master the staging light start system to improve your reaction times. Your instructor will take the wheel for the first test run, guiding you on staging, braking zones, and the finish line. Then, it’s your turn to take the driver’s seat with the instructor as your co-pilot until you’re ready to fly solo.

14. Aston Martin GT4 Driving Experience

aston martin gt4 driving gift experience
Last on our list of the best car experience gifts is a ride in an Aston Martin GT4. This striking vehicle not only mirrors the distinguished Vantage in appearance but also exudes the fearless spirit of a race car. Its agility shines as it effortlessly conquers sharp corners and accelerates like a true predator on the straights. Inside, the GT4 transforms to meet professional racing needs, featuring racing seats, an additional instrument panel, protection bars, and plastic windows. Crafted in a specialised racing factory, the GT4 combines a potent 4.7-liter V8 engine with sleek curves, high-acceleration capabilities, and sophisticated performance.

Which of these car experience gifts will you choose?

In a nutshell, these 14 incredible car gift experiences are a car lover’s dream come true. Whether you’re exploring the charming streets of Lille in a vintage 2CV Citroen, cruising through tulip fields in an electric Renault Twizy, or taking a thrilling ride in a Tesla through Malmö, these adventures promise unforgettable memories and the excitement of the open road. What’s more, is that these driving experience gifts only scratch the surface of the activities on offer with our leisure vouchers. From golf experiences, spa experiences, food activities to travel experiences, our activity vouchers give recipients access to over 50,000 unique gift experiences all across the world.

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