The 15 Best Amsterdam Stag Do Activities

February 19th, 2024

Alright, lads, so you’ve found yourselves on the brink of holy matrimony, and the last hurrah before tying the knot is just around the corner. What better place to bid farewell to bachelorhood than in the vibrant city of Amsterdam? Known for its wild nightlife, picturesque canals, and liberal vibes, this Dutch gem is the perfect setting for an epic stag weekend that will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

Well don’t worry, we’ve curated this hand-picked list of 15 Amsterdam stag do activities for your Amsterdam stag weekend so that you can give your groom-to-be the send-off he deserves.

15 Amsterdam Stag Do Activities

1. Canal Booze & Pizza Cruise: Sail and Ale

Four Men on an open Boat on the Canals of Amsterdam
Let’s start this Amsterdam stag weekend off on the right foot, or should I say, on the right wave? Hop aboard a private canal boat and cruise through Amsterdam’s charming waterways. But hold your horses, fellas, because this ain’t your average sightseeing trip. Oh no! This is a booze and pizza cruise! Picture this: ice-cold beers flowing, stunning views of the city passing by, and your mates toasting to your impending nuptials. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, soak up the atmosphere, and get the party started in true Dutch style!

2. Heineken Experience: Where Beer Dreams Come True

Heineken Beers stacked up in a Box with Ice during an Amsterdam stag do
It’s now time to pay homage to the drink that has fuelled countless stag weekends: beer! Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Heineken at the legendary Heineken Experience. This interactive museum will take you on a journey through the history, brewing process, and, of course, tastings of this iconic Dutch beer. Learn how to pour the perfect pint, challenge your mates to beer-related games, and revel in the frothy goodness that is Heineken.

3. Beer Biking: Pedal, Pints, and Pals

Now, listen up, boys, because this one’s a winner. You may think you’ve experienced a pub crawl, but have you ever done it while pedalling a 12-seater bike? Welcome to the wacky world of beer biking! Round up your mates, jump on the saddle, and start pedalling your way through the streets of Amsterdam. Not only will you work off those beer bellies, but you’ll also have a barrel of laughs while enjoying the city’s sights and sounds. It’s like a cycling tour on steroids, where the only fuel you need is beer and banter!

4. Sunday Night Live Improv Comedy Show

men on a stag weekend in amsterdam
Next on our list of the best Amsterdam stag do activities is an improv show. Are you ready to get roasted? With this Amsterdam stag do activity, you’ll get the chance to witness an entirely improvised comedy show that’s not only funny (hopefully) but also interactive. The talented cast creates new scenes, stories, and songs inspired by the audience, which means you and your stag party will have a direct influence on the show. Plus, with drink specials on offer, you can enjoy big laughs while savoring some drinks. What sets Sunday Night Live apart is its unique and spontaneous nature – each performance is a one-time creation, weaving improvised threads into something utterly distinctive, surprising, and always humorous. The joy of seeing how one scene inspires the next is unparalleled, making this show habit-forming for many, and the perfect laid-back and relaxed end to your stag do weekend in Amsterdam.

5. Red Light District Tour: Uncover Amsterdam’s Secrets

red light district in amsterdam
Delve into the intriguing world of Amsterdam’s Red Light District with a guided tour. Explore the historic alleys and canals of this iconic district while learning about its fascinating history and unique culture. Your knowledgeable guide will provide insights into the area’s evolution and the stories behind the infamous red-lit windows. It’s a chance to discover a side of Amsterdam that’s both mysterious and captivating.

6. Escape Room Challenge: Stag vs. Puzzle

Challenge your stag group’s problem-solving skills with an Amsterdam-themed escape room. The clock is ticking, and you must work together to crack codes, solve puzzles, and unravel mysteries within a set time limit. Will your stag do emerge victorious and escape in time? It’s an exciting adventure that will test your teamwork and wits.

7. Casino Night: Roll the Dice

For a thrilling night out, head to one of Amsterdam’s exciting casinos. Roll the dice, play blackjack, or try your luck at the roulette table while enjoying delicious cocktails and the company of your mates. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a newbie, the casino offers an exhilarating atmosphere to try your luck.

8. Bubble Football: Bump and Score

Take your Amsterdam stag do to a whole new level with the hilariously entertaining bubble football. Imagine playing a game of football while encased in a giant inflatable bubble. You and your mates will bump, roll, and bounce your way across the pitch, all while attempting to score goals. It’s a recipe for laughter and unforgettable moments that will have the whole crew in stitches.

9. Kart Racing: Speed and Adrenaline

Get your adrenaline pumping with high-speed go kart racing at one of Amsterdam’s premier karting tracks. Challenge your mates in thrilling races, feeling the rush of speed as you navigate the track’s twists and turns. Compete for bragging rights and revel in the excitement of karting.

10. Axe Throwing: Aim for Glory

someone doing axe throwing as an amsterdam stag do activity
Embrace your inner lumberjack and put your axe-throwing skills to the test at Amsterdam’s dedicated axe-throwing venues. Compete against your friends to see who can hit the bullseye and claim bragging rights. It’s a unique and thrilling experience that adds a touch of adventure to your Amsterdam stag do.

11. Paintball War: Battle Royale

go paintballing as one of the best amsterdam stag do activities
Next on our list of the best Amsterdam stag do activities is an epic paintball battle. Gear up and engage in thrilling paintball matches, navigating through exciting scenarios and taking aim at your friends. The adrenaline rush and strategic gameplay will make this a memorable stag do activity.

12. Jet Ski Adventure: Splash and Thrill

Take to the waters of Amsterdam on a jet ski adventure. Feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of speed as you explore the city’s waterways from a unique perspective. It’s an exhilarating way to add excitement to your Amsterdam stag weekend.

13. Whisky Tasting: Sip and Savour

Discover the world of fine whisky at Amsterdam’s whisky tasting events. Sample a variety of premium whiskies and savor the complex flavors. Whether you’re a whisky enthusiast or a novice, this experience will elevate your stag weekend with sophistication and taste.

14. Nightclub Crawl: Dance ’til Dawn

Immerse yourself in Amsterdam’s legendary nightlife with a nightclub crawl. Your stag party will hop from one hotspot to another, dancing the night away at the city’s most vibrant venues. It’s a guaranteed way to create unforgettable memories and celebrate your last days of bachelorhood in style.

15. Amsterdam Johan Cruijff Arena Stadium Tour

a tour of the Amsterdam Johan Cruijff Arena is one of the best amsterdam stag do activities
This stadium tour in Amsterdam is one of the best stag do activities because it offers a unique blend of sports history and exclusive access. You and the lads will have the chance to visit the home of one of football’s most successful clubs Ajax gaining access to areas typically off-limits to the public, including the Ajax dressing room for a selfie opportunity. The tour culminates with a visit to the Ajax Gallery of Fame, where you can relive the club’s glory moments. What’s more, you can do all of this at a discounted rate, making it an affordable and educational experience with an audio guide narrating the remarkable history of the team. With the added allure of Johan Cruijff ArenA’s impressive architecture and size, this tour is a perfect choice for an unforgettable stag do in Amsterdam and a must for football fans.

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