7 Activities for Long-Distance Relationship Couples on Valentine's Day

January 23rd, 2023

Sometimes, your true love doesn’t live in your area or even in your country. Days like Valentine’s can be hard when your boo is thousands of miles away. While it’s frustrating at times, it’s not entirely hopeless. Nowadays, there are many creative ways to share special moments, even from a distance. If you’re still looking to arrange the perfect Valentine’s Day with your long-distance partner, we got you. Check out our list of romantic and fun activities for long-distance relationship couples this February 14.

1. Arrange a candle-lit dinner over Zoom

dinner date over zoom, an activity for long distance relationship couples

Don’t be fooled – a private virtual dinner is much more romantic than an IRL surrounded by strangers. Though it takes some time to get things done perfectly, it’s worth the effort.

The most important part of this dinner, apart from your bae, is the food. If you’re not an avid cook, don’t worry. Try simple recipes such as pasta bolognese or chicken fried rice, and put your culinary skills to the test. Alternatively, save yourself the hassle and order in. Have the same dish from your local restaurants, and do a taste test together.

A piece of advice: don’t cut out on the makeup and the fancy clothing. Make sure you’re both dressed to the nines, just like you would in person.

2. Travel together virtually

Is traveling on your bucket list as a couple? You’ll be happy to know it’s possible, even at a distance! There are many exciting virtual tours of popular destinations, some even guided by a local. For example, check out this online tour of Shibuya and Shinjuku (Tokyo) with a local expert. Better yet, visit the infamous red-light district of Amsterdam from the comfort of your home.

The apparent pros of virtual traveling are the convenience it brings. With local-led virtual tours, you can learn more about a destination before you visit it. Virtual tours give you the necessary insights into a city, so you’ll be no stranger when you see it in person. Thanks to the current technology, you can also go on sightseeing tours from a unique perspective, e.g. from 50ft above the ground.

3. Stream your favorite movie at the same time

long distance relationship gifts this Valentine's Day

If you’re a couple of cinema freaks, arrange a movie date night this Valentine’s. Perhaps your favorite thriller just released a new season. Or there’s a new series that you’ve been dying to watch. Create a special moment with your lover by snuggling in the blanket and enjoying a film together.

Some advice: You can spice it up by creating a movie roulette. Find a few movies you’ve never heard about, and let fate decide your next binge-watching bout.

4. Write each other love letters

writing love letters is a way to make long distance relationship work

It might sound a bit cliche, but trust us on this. While you’re in an LDR, receiving the affirmations that you would typically get when you’re physically together is not always easy. That’s why it’s important to remind each other of your love and future plans constantly.

Love letters aren’t always mushy and overly sentimental. They could be as simple as listing out the things you cherish about each other. If you’re both competitive, have a write-off, a wicked competition of who can write the cheesiest love letter. Have a good laugh about it, and go to sleep with a mind full of affection and hope for the future.

5. Play a game together online

It helps if you both have video gaming as hobbies, as there are millions of options for Valentine’s Day. Join a private server, or duel on a Valentine-themed map. Nothing says “I love you” more than making it through a strict level as a couple. If you’re seeking some thrill, join an online escape game together. Experience the excitement of decoding puzzles, and learn the true meaning of teamwork with your partner.

What if you’re not into video games? There are plenty of IRL games you can play together as an LDR couple. For example, try the couple’s version of 21 Questions. See how far your partner can answer correctly, and be amazed at how much they know about you. Alternatively, test how well you can describe things without actually saying its name with a classic game of Charades. Contrary to popular belief, you can have fun and feel connected through video calls, especially while playing cooperative games together.

6. Plan a (surprise) visit

two people holding hands and being in love

We all love a good surprise. This Valentine’s Day, give them the ultimate gift of the year by dropping in to visit. Catch them when they’re most off guard: at dinner, after work, or after they’ve decided to settle in for the night. The trick is to coordinate this. Don’t be afraid to reach out to their family members to keep them in the dark about your master plan.

If you only have a handful of hours, and long-haul flights aren’t an option, try meeting them halfway. Pick a destination between you both, and fly out together. Spend the day at some of the most romantic and luxurious hotels, and don’t forget to order breakfast in bed. The secret to making long-distance relationships work is always making time for face-to-face connections. Make your partner feel your love, and fly out to see them this Valentine’s Day!

7. Send a care package

Although you cannot be together, you can still send your love via mail. Bundle up a collection of their favorite treats, slip in a cheeky message, and send it to your loved one. You can also include favorite photos of each other, a gift card for activities in their city, and a hotel stay for the next time you meet in person.
The point of a care package is to remind each other of the special moments you shared and will create. So don’t be afraid to get cheesy with it. If you’re one to overthink, don’t put too much pressure on yourself when preparing the care package. Remember, the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that come from the heart.

Long-distance relationships are challenging, but with the right person, it’s worth the wait. Spending quality time with your partner whenever possible is essential until you’re together. Use this list as inspiration for the upcoming Valentine’s season. Because no matter how far apart you are, you deserve to feel loved and connected during the most romantic day of the year.
Don’t forget that staying connected in person is vital to sustaining an LDR. Go ahead and plan your next trip to see them today!

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