5 Mother's Day Ideas: Things to Do to Say Thank You

March 31st, 2022

Our mothers have always been there for us, which makes it a challenge to find a way to fully express our gratitude. What if we told you that we know the secret to a guaranteed Mother’s Day gift? We’d be happy to tell you: it’s the time you spend together.

There are many more exciting events on Mother’s Day than a wave day. Having trouble coming up with something special? We’re here for you! From foodies to adventurers, there’s an activity for every type of mum. Choose one of these 7 Mother’s Day activities that will give your mum a day to remember.

Innsbruck and Swarovski Crystal Worlds Day Trip

innsbruck Swarovski Museum
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This applies to mothers just as much as to everyone else. For our mother-daughter or mother-son pairs who want to kick off Mother’s Day in Bavaria, we have a particularly bright activity tip. A day trip to the Austrian university city of Innsbruck followed by a tour of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

The tour starts in Munich. You will be taken to the Alps by bus. The two-hour drive can be used for a small aperitif and a long chat with your mum. In Innsbruck, which takes its name from the river Inn that flows through the city, you can then explore the historic old town and the many sights of Innsbruck. There is plenty of time to go shopping and explore the city’s landmarks, especially the Golden Roof. In the afternoon, the highlight of the day will be a visit to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. In the museum about the refined, glittering art of jewellery there is beautiful handicraft to look at and a lot to learn. Afterwards, during the drive back to Munich, the eventful day can be brought to a leisurely close.

Guided sailing trip to the Kiel Fjord

Kiel Segeltörn

Is your mum a sports fan, water lover and lover of northern Germany? Invite her to a guided sailing trip to the Kiel Fjords with you. On the Stella Maris boat you will experience the sea up close. The varied scenery will put you in harmony with nature. Learn more about the fjords, Schilksee and Kiel while breathing in fresh salty sea air and experiencing an adventure with a small group of sailing enthusiasts. You don’t have to worry about waterproof trousers and jackets, life jackets and sailing gloves. These are provided by the organiser. Dieses Erlebnis wird sicher unvergessen sein und deine Mutter wird auch noch in vielen Jahren vor Verwandten und Freunden davon schwärmen.

Tour of the Swiss chocolate factory Maestrani’s Chocolarium near Constance

Flawil Schokoladenfabrik
Is your mum a night owl? She’ll be dreaming of this chocolate tour at Maestrani’s Chocolatarium near Konstanz for a long time to come. It introduces you to the world of legendary Swiss chocolate with an audio app and offers more than enough tastings along the way. After learning about the interesting process of chocolate making, it’s time to show off your own skills by decorating your own chocolate bar. A trip to the Maestrani Museum in Flawil will let you see the cocoa sweet from a new perspective and reach a deeper level of indulgence.

Experience day on the Elbe with boat trip, wine hike and wine tasting

Dresden Elbe
Take a trip on a ship on the Elbe with a wide range of extraordinary highlights, such as a wine tasting and a wine walk in Saxony. After boarding the ship, your mother and you can enjoy a spectacular view of the region’s river landscape and take breathtaking photos. You’ll also pass all the great sights of the Elbe riverbank between Dresden and Diesbar-Seußlitz. The small castles, picturesque wine villages and imposing castles are unique.

Anchor is then dropped in the middle of the vineyards and the romantic wine walk begins for the passengers in Diesbar-Seußlitz, a beautiful Saxon town on the Elbe. This Saxon region has the smallest wine-growing area in Germany. Because of this manageability, each grape gets special attention, which means that the wines produced there are unmistakable.

Since hiking is known to make you tired, you and your mother can fortify yourselves for the end with a rustic vintner’s snack with local delicacies. Since just looking at wine isn’t satisfying, it comes with 5 different wines from the harvest of the region. The welcoming innkeepers will spoil your mother with rarities from their wine cellar while you enjoy the view. The evening ends in the wine tavern and then it’s back to the Florence of the East, namely Dresden.

Private guided tour of Soviet Potsdam

Potsdam Schloss
Is your mother a history junkie? This activity is not for the faint-hearted. Potsdam is a city steeped in history. It is breathtaking, picturesque and steeped in tradition. But there is also a dark side to this city that is not often talked about. Visit this private tour through Potsdam with your mum, to get to know all facets of Brandenburg’s state capital. Join the exclusive private group tour with a local guide and learn more about the sights such as the Cecilienhof Palace in the new garden, the old market and the Glienicke Bridge and monuments important to the socialist past. Learn about the connection between these historical sites and the socialist regime of the GDR, the Cold War and post-World War II Germany..

What would your mother most like to do? What is the best way to say “Thank you Mum” to her? We are sure that she will love every activity as long as she’s doing it with you.

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