The Ultimate Wedding Envelope That Newlyweds Like

July 4th, 2023

We hear you thinking: “Which wedding envelope are you talking about?” We are talking about the most standard wedding gift: the envelope with money. Leave the standard envelope behind and give the newlyweds something special: a gift card for unforgettable outings and activities. We are happy to share how to break the traditional gift options and give a personal and unique gift that makes their honeymoon even more special.

The struggle in a search for the perfect wedding gift

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Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a real challenge. After all, you want to give something that is meaningful, special and appropriate for the bridal couple. But with so many options and considerations, it can quickly become a challenge. What are the biggest challenges you can encounter when buying the perfect wedding gift? They can be:

  • Unique and Distinctive: One of the biggest challenges is finding a gift that is unique and different from the standard wedding gifts. You don’t want to arrive with yet another picture frame or crockery. You’re looking for something that really fits the couple and their personalities.
  • Originality: In addition, the question of originality also plays a major role. You don’t want to give the same gift as other guests at the wedding. You want to give something that is surprising and that the newlywed couple will really appreciate. This can sometimes lead to stress of choice and hours of searching for that one perfect gift.
  • Interests: Another challenge is finding a gift that matches the needs and wishes of the couple. What is their common interest? What experience would they like to have together? It can be difficult to figure this out, especially if you don’t know the couple very well.
  • Practical: Practical considerations also play a role. Maybe you want to give a gift that will last and that will really help them in their daily lives. Finding such a gift can be quite a task as you have to take into account their taste, style and needs.
  • Budget: It’s important to be realistic and choose a gift that fits within your financial means. Remember that what matters is not so much the value of the gift as the thought behind it and its symbolic meaning.

In short, finding the perfect wedding gift can be a challenge. It requires creativity, insight and attention to detail. It is important to consider what will really make the couple happy and find a gift that suits them.

The ultimate wedding envelope: Experiences over things

Giving an Activitygift as a wedding gift is the best choice. Instead of traditional, often practical gifts, an Activity gift offers a unique experience that they can share together and enjoy for a long time to come. “Experiences about things”. Whether it’s for the couple who just got married or for your aunt and uncle who have been married for 25 years

We’d like to share the benefits of giving an Activitygift:

  • Personal: You can put together the gift card to your own taste and give it a personal touch by adding a photo and personal message. For example, choose to put a photo of the married couple on the gift card or a photo of you together.
  • Easy to order: You can simply order the gift from behind your laptop. If you place your order on working days before 2:00 PM, it will be posted the same day. And do you find out last minute that the wedding is a week earlier? No problem! Then choose an eGift or print-ready PDF, which you will receive in your mailbox within 5 minutes.

A wedding gift that is anything but boring

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What can the newlywed couple expect if they have received an Activitygift? Well, that’s quite a bit! There are plenty of activities that suit every couple. For example, they can go for a romantic interpretation of the gift or for an adventurous one. How nice is that? You give, but they decide.

Romantic activities for the newlywed couple

As a newlywed couple, it’s important to engage in romantic activities that strengthen your bond. This is of course already in small things, such as a romantic picnic in the park or a walk on the beach on a warm summer evening, there are countless ways to celebrate love. With an Activity gift as a wedding gift, they book a romantic balloon flight at sunrise. Soaring above a landscape and enjoying breathtaking views as the sun slowly rises is sure to provide a romantic and unforgettable experience. If they are not really looking for heights, then a dinner cruise through the Amsterdam canals is a perfect alternative.

On an adventure after 25 years of marriage

After 25 years of marriage, it’s time to celebrate the relationship and add a little adventure to life together. A great way to do this is to choose an adventurous activity that takes both out of their comfort zone and creates new memories. Let the silver couple take up the challenge and book a helicopter ride. The adrenaline rush of flying in a helicopter combined with sharing this thrilling experience is sure to strengthen your bond. This is definitely not boring!

Wouldn’t they rather push the boundaries even more? Which can! Namely by floating through the air via a zipline, this guarantees excitement and excitement. Whatever they choose, the important thing is that they try something new and challenging together. It will not only celebrate your wedding anniversary in a unique way but also rekindle the spark in your relationship.

A suitable activity during the honeymoon

Maybe they have already planned their honeymoon and are looking for another activity to do during this trip. No problem! With this gift, they can choose the activity that suits them in more than 160 countries. Is the honeymoon going to a tropical destination? Then discovering the underwater world together is something very special and romantic.
By giving an Activitygift you are guaranteed to break through the traditional gift options, and you can give your newlyweds the ultimate wedding envelope, one that can be used to create new memories.

Are gift cards an appropriate wedding gift?

Absolutely. Gift cards are a way to give the newlyweds what they want, when they want. With products such as Activitygift, it’s even considered a luxury present, one that the bride and groom will happily take with them to their honeymoon.

However, the appropriateness of gift cards as wedding gifts also depends on how close you are to the couple, and how much they enjoy this type of gift. It’s best to get several useful gift cards, such as ones for a hotel stay, in combination with activity gift cards to make sure the newlyweds enjoy the best experiences.

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