Sustainable Gift Cards: The Incredible Story of Eden Reforestation Projects and Activitygift

October 5th, 2023

Sustainable gift cards are a concept that may sound foreign at first glance. Do gift cards become sustainable beyond the material from which they’re made? Are there any sustainable gift cards out there? The answer to both questions is yes. Read on to learn more about how Activitygift’s gift card supports the environment beyond the basics.

Nowadays, it’s not enough just to be eco-friendly within your business. Being an environmentally conscious organization has extended to creating a net positive impact in the world. One organization supports this mission in the most practical way: the Eden Reforestation Projects. With Eden, Activitygift has planted over 215,000 trees in communities that needed them the most, one for each gift card sold. Thanks to Activitygift’s customers, Eden Reforestation Projects and Activitygift have given many impoverished communities the trees and plants they desperately need.

Eden Reforestation Projects: More than just planting trees

Woman holding two small offspring
What makes the work of Eden Reforestation Projects special is that they not only protect the environment, but also improve the lives of local people. In many of the countries where Eden operates, job opportunities are scarce and the population suffers from poverty and environmental degradation. By planting trees in these regions, Eden not only creates sustainable ecosystem restoration, but also much-needed jobs.

Local people are hired as tree planters and forest guards. They not only receive an income, but also training and educational opportunities. This enables communities to break out of the poverty spiral and build a better future. For those living in Eden-supported communities, these jobs are not only a way out of poverty, but also an opportunity to actively participate in protecting the environment.

However, Eden Reforestation Projects’ work goes even further. They focus not only on planting trees, but also on restoring damaged ecosystems. This not only creates habitats for animals and plants, but also helps regulate the climate. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to slow climate change. This means that every tree donated by Activitygift not only improves the local environment, but also contributes to global environmental protection.

Eden Reforestation Projects operates in the following countries:

  • Madagascar
  • Mozambique
  • Kenya
  • Ethiopia
  • Nepal
  • Philippines
  • Honduras
  • Brazil
  • Future plans: Guatemala

Giving Experiences with Activitygift and Eden Reforestation Projects: A Sustainable Partnership

Children planting trees
The collaboration between Activitygift and Eden Reforestation Projects is an impressive example of how companies and NGOs can work together to make a positive impact on the world. For every activity gift card purchased and redeemed at Activitygift, one tree is planted in an area in need. This means that every exciting activity you give as a gift not only brings joy, but also helps restore the environment and improve the quality of life in disadvantaged communities.

Gifting travel has never been so sustainable and fulfilling. With Activitygift, you can not only gift your loved ones with unforgettable experiences, but also help make the world a better place. The cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects shows that it is possible to take responsibility for our environment without sacrificing fun and adventure.

In addition to planting trees, Activitygift supports local communities in the areas served by Eden Reforestation Projects. This is done through targeted donations that provide educational facilities, health care, and other vital resources. This holistic approach ensures that local people not only benefit from the projects in the short term, but also receive sustainable livelihoods in the long term.

But how exactly does the partnership between Activitygift and Eden Reforestation Projects work? When a customer purchases a gift card from Activitygift, whether it’s for an exciting hike in the Alps or a diving expedition in the Great Barrier Reef, a portion of the proceeds worth one tree is automatically donated to Eden Reforestation Projects. These donations are then used to plant trees, support communities and protect the environment.

Demonstrable figures

A bed of small trees
The impressive impact of this partnership speaks for itself. Over 215,000 trees have been planted so far in different parts of the world, from the tropical rainforests of Indonesia to the arid savannahs of Ethiopia. This has not only revitalized the environment, but also provided thousands of people with jobs and a better quality of life.

The trees planted through Activitygift’s efforts in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects are not only a source of proud statistics. They are also a symbol of the positive change that is possible through sustainable partnerships. Each tree represents improved air quality, a more stable environment, and a hopeful future for those living in Eden-supported communities.

Why you should choose Activitygift’s sustainable gift cards?

Workers cheering in front of one of the tree fields
Now you might be wondering why you should choose Activitygift as gift cards for experiences. The answer is obvious: Activitygift offers not only exciting experiences and unforgettable moments, but also the opportunity to actively do something good for the environment. With every voucher you buy or give away, you are helping to make our world more sustainable and greener. Learn more about our sustainability efforts and give sustainable gifts today.

Plus, with Activitygift, you’re giving your loved one the opportunity to choose from 50,000+ activities in more than 160 countries worldwide on a date of their choosing. What better way to give a gift than to know that it’s handy, flexible, and sustainable?

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