Our story

We are all about giving people experiences of a lifetime.

Set up in 2019, Activitygift is a sister brand of Hotelgift, Flightgift and Cruisegift. We launched Activitygift to give people more opportunities to show their loved ones how much they mean to them and to travelers to enjoy the new city to the fullest. Every city has a story to tell and that story is best told by the best activity hosts around. This is why with one gift card you can book any of the handpicked activities on our website. From city tours to waterskiing, you can find something anyone can enjoy. Most importantly, you can make timeless memories and have your own stories to tell as a result.

Our mission

“To offer personal experience gift cards that can be redeemed easily whenever, wherever, in a sustainable way, with excellent customer support”

Meet our founder, Loes Daniels

From a corporate career to creating memories, that is the story of Loes Daniels. After a Master’s degree in Finance & Investments at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam she worked as a Strategy Consultant at Deloitte for three years followed by two years of Operational Transaction Services at Ernst & Young. Loving entrepreneurship and traveling, she started Hotelgift in 2014. Hotelgift rapidly grew and expanded to over 50 countries, selling gift cards in 15 different currencies. In 2017 she also launched Flightgift (www.flightgift.com), a gift card for all major airlines worldwide and in the summer of 2019 Activitygift was launched. Since then, the team is helping people every day to treat their loved ones to the most beautiful memories.

The business side of things

Activitygift is a brand of Locada B.V, a company focusing on experience gift cards. Founded in The Netherlands, Locada B.V. currently operates globally. At the moment, the company features four leading brands within its portfolio: Activitygift, Hotelgift, Cruisegift and Flightgift.


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt


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