The Spookiest UK Activities to Try This Halloween

September 20th, 2022

With the spooky season around the corner, there’s no better way to get into the spirit of things than with a good old-fashioned scare. October is also a great time to be outside; with ghosts rustling orange leaves, witches sweeping them into the sky, and a cold chill in the air. Here’s our ultimate spooky gift guide to the most bone-chilling activities across the country.


The London Dungeon

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Thrilling audiences for over 40 years, the London Dungeon is an iconic location known for its highly entertaining (and scary) tours. You’ll have a chance to discover a thousand years of London’s dark history, exploring 18 interactive sets and two fantastic rides (each with amazing special effects and professional actors). The scariest part? Everything is based on true historical events or chilling tales from London’s past. To conclude the tour, head down to the dungeon’s haunted tavern, to calm your nerves with a Victorian beverage.


Ghosts of Birmingham exploration game and tour
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Enjoy classic scary stories? Embark on a haunted city game in Birmingham, where you will be guided by clues to discover some of the city’s most haunted attractions and local legends. Explore the city’s most eerie spots, while listening to tales filled with cruel murders, restless spirits and haunted visions. You’ll also have a chance to visit the city’s historical hotspots ranging from Birmingham’s Town Hall to the Cathedral of St. Paul. Experience them in a frightening way that’ll stay with you long after.


Hope Street Shivers ghost tour of Liverpool
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If you’re all about theatrics, this award-winning theatrical ghost tour of Liverpool is just the one for you. Taking you on a creepy journey you’ll never forget, you’ll be guided through the Cathedral Quarter of Hope Street, Liverpool’s historic alehouse and the Philharmonic Dining Rooms. Your guides will conclude the tour beneath Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral in St James’ cemetery, the resting place of nearly 58,000 souls.


The Haunted Vaults Tour
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While Edinburgh is steeped in history and beauty, it also holds dark secrets revealed on this underground tour of the Vaults. Taking you deep into the belly of the city, you’ll go into Edinburgh’s underworld, experiencing a series of vaults dating back to the 1700s. Home to notorious criminals as well as the underprivileged, the vaults witnessed plenty of deaths during its time, leading to its high paranormal activity. You will also visit an onsite torture exhibition to hear about the city’s dark past, and how some of these items were used. 


Dublin haunted places and ghost stories
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Explore one of Dublin’s most terrifying haunted houses, surrounded by everything from restless spirits to menacing ghouls. Follow step-by-step instructions to reach your destination, solve your clue and hear a frightening story. Storyline sneak peek: the newspaper is looking for an article about haunted Dublin. They’re on the hunt for as many ghost stories as possible. That night, a ghost appears to you. It tells you not to worry, that your journey will begin the next night.

Spotted your perfect scare? Book your spooky adventure with an Activitygift, and prepare for a frighteningly good time.

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