7 Museos Divertidos para Niños en Ámsterdam para Visitar

April 28th, 2022

With almost 75 museums, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a cultural break. The Dutch capital offers a wide range of cultural and tourist attractions for all ages and tastes.

What’s more, the city is entirely child-friendly, thanks to its infrastructure and variety of attractions, enough to keep young and old busy all day long!

We suggest 7 museums to discover with your children in Amsterdam:

  • NEMO science museum
  • Micropia microbe museum
  • CoBrA museum of modern art
  • The museum of the navy
  • The tropical Museum
  • The EYE film museum
  • The Amsterdam Museum

If you plan to visit more than 4 museums during your stay in Amsterdam, we recommend investing in The Netherlands Museum Pass. This card gives you access to more than 400 museums throughout the country and is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Most of the museums are included, such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House.

The card costs around 60 euros per adult and 32 euros per child. However, as the entrance fee to a museum is around 15 to 20 euros, your card will pay for itself in no time.

Which museums to visit in Amsterdam with your family?

The must-sees like the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum are popular attractions, but Amsterdam is full of other museums that are just as beautiful and more suitable for children.

The NEMO Science Museum

musée Nemo

It’s not about Nemo and Dory, but a museum of science and technology. Located on Amsterdam’s Oosterdok in the northeast, this Renzo Piano-designed building has a greenish tone, making it look like an ocean liner. However, don’t be fooled by the architecture because inside, you will find more than 5 floors, all with different themes to immerse you in scientific experiments.

And yes, the NEMO museum is, above all, an interactive museum. So your child can learn more about science while having fun.

The first floor is dedicated to the evolution of science through time and the functioning of sound, light, and static electricity.

Thanks to a playful workshop, the second floor allows you to build technological products. Here you can learn about the discovery of the world through mathematics and renewable energy.

The third floor focuses on the universe and its phenomena, from the Big Bang to our solar system. Microscopes are used to observe atoms.

The fourth floor is dedicated to the human body and how it works: the brain, memory, and emotions.

You can experiment with solar, water ,and wind energy on the top floor. From the terrace, you can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

It’s a fun and educational museum to learn more about science and technology for a great family time.

The microbe museum: Micropia

Right next to the Artis Zoo, microbes now have their own museum. Micropia is the first museum in the world dedicated to microbes. Many species of microorganisms are presented here.

You can discover these invisible hosts that live with us every day. Micropia allows visitors to see microbes through 3D microscopes, a microbe scanner, and a “Kiss-o-meter” indicating the number of microbes exchanged during a kiss.

Did you know that microbes are more valuable than you might think? They protect us from harmful bacteria and fungi and produce vital substances for our bodies.

An exciting and unusual place to visit with your children! Unless they are afraid of the little beasts.

The museum of modern art: CoBrA

The CoBrA art movement, founded in 1948, was a pictorial movement formed from the letters of Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. The idea was to create an experimental art, free from any aesthetic preoccupation, isn’t it a bit like the art that some children make? Spontaneity combined with the expression of feelings is similar to the creative process of children.

Moreover, this museum regularly organises workshops for children. They can express their art and leave with their most beautiful painting.

The Maritime Museum : Het Scheepvaartmuseum

musem of the navy

With one of the world’s largest collections of maritime artefacts, and over 40,000 collections, the Maritime Museum is a great place to visit with your family in Amsterdam. The many rooms offer interactive activities that allow everyone to understand history and immerse themselves in marine life through the centuries.

Inside a giant whale, your child can lie down in its body and see how its heart beats. In the children’s area, they will also have access to various fun and educational games to learn more about maritime life.

On the quay, you can also visit three exceptional boats:

  • The Royal Barge
  • The icebreaker Christiaan Brunings
  • The East Indiaman Amsterdam

The East Indiaman is an imposing 700 ton ship from the 17th century that you can visit. On board, you learn about the life of the sailors and get caught up in the game of a sailor gone for long months.

The Tropical Museum: Tropenmuseum

An anthropological and ethnographic museum to be discovered in the planting district, east of the Amsterdam zoo. One of the most beautiful historical buildings in Amsterdam and well worth a visit for a family outing.

The entire museum is divided into many small exhibitions. Each one is unique and modern with lights, sound, even smell and often accompanied by beautiful scenery.

To the left of the entrance to the Tropenmuseum Junior, a separate part of the museum is dedicated to children. Discovery workshops, educational games, small exhibitions are present all year round.

The film museum: Eye
EYE Museum in Amsterdam

One of the only free museums in Amsterdam, the Eye is a lovely surprise. It is a sharp, white building that can be seen from across the Ij. You have to take a free ferry from Amsterdam station to get there.

With a free exhibition on the ground floor, young and old alike can discover the history of cinema and its different techniques through the ages.

There are also workshops and activities to try your hand at making a film. Who knows, maybe you could be the next Brad Pitt?

The Amsterdam Museum

Right in the heart of the city, in a former municipal orphanage, the Amsterdam Museum has a remarkable collection of objects and artworks that trace the history of the city. In addition, the interactive exhibition Amsterdam DNA takes you deep into the history of the Dutch capital.

A section dedicated to children allows us to visit and enter the small orphanage. You learn more about the daily life of the children in the orphanage at that time. From room to room, you discover secret passages, accessible only by the little orphans.

As you can see, Amsterdam is full of museums of all kinds, fun and educational museums to learn more about the world of the Earth, the history of Amsterdam or even about cinema through the ages. You are sure to have a great time in Amsterdam with your children in one of these 7 museums.

Also, check out our article on Amsterdam and the eco-friendly activities you can do in the city. It’s another fun way to discover the capital.

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