The 15 Best London Experience Gifts

December 5th, 2023

London is a city overflowing with fun activities, some may even say there’s too much choice! In this blog, we’ll unveil the 15 best London experience gifts redeemable with our activity gift cards.

What is an Experience Gift?

An experience gift is when you buy someone an activity for a special rather than a typical material item. Typically this is to give the gift recipient the chance to make new memories, bond with loved ones and try new things they wouldn’t otherwise. A great way of giving someone an experience gift is by buying our activity vouchers.

The 15 Best London Experience Gifts

1. Guided Tour of Westminster Abbey

redeem your activity gift card on a guided tour of westminster abbey - one of the best london experience gifts
First on our list of the best London experience gifts is a guided tour of Westminster Abbey. Steeped in history and tradition, the abbey holds a unique place in British heritage. It’s not only a magnificent architectural gem but also the sacred stage for royal weddings, coronations, and significant national events. From the coronation of kings and queens to the recent royal weddings of Prince William and Catherine Middleton and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Westminster Abbey has witnessed pivotal moments in the country’s history. Redeem your experience gift card on a guided tour of the abbey so that you can discover all the secrets of the abbey from an expert. And don’t forget to dress appropriately as it is a place of worship after all.

2. London Day Tour including London Eye tickets and a Thames Boat Ride

visiting tower of london at sunset - one of the best London gift experiences
Travel in comfort aboard a luxury coach on this top London gift experience, effortlessly hopping on and off at each attraction. Your adventure begins with a panoramic guided tour, offering a splendid view of the city’s highlights. Take a break at St Paul’s Cathedral to admire its stunning interior before moving on to Buckingham Palace for the traditional Changing of the Guard ceremony, where you might even spot royalty. The Tower of London awaits, revealing the dazzling Crown Jewels and its historical secrets. Glide along the River Thames on a relaxing boat ride, gaining a unique perspective of the city. Finally, soar above the capital on the London Eye, a must-see London gift experience made possible by your experience gift voucher.

3. London Dungeon Tickets

For over 40 thrilling years, The London Dungeon has been delighting audiences with its darkly humorous and spine-tingling tours, offering a unique twist on sightseeing that’s far more exciting than a traditional museum visit and fun for all the family! Step into a world of macabre fun as you journey through 18 interactive sets and two exhilarating rides, guided by live actors and impressive special effects. Based on real historical events and spine-chilling London tales, this theatrical experience takes you through misty Whitechapel streets, plague-ravaged houses, and a terrifying torture chamber. You might even escape the clutches of Henry VIII. Conclude your tour with a Victorian beverage at the dungeon’s haunted tavern, all made possible with your experience gift voucher.

4. Tickets to Shrek’s Adventure!

Our next London gift experience is one for the kids (or adults too, no judging) as you redeem your experience gift car don tickets to Shrek’s Adventure. Set off on a magical 4D tour bus guided by Donkey, promising chaos and fun. Live actors make the adventure come alive as you explore Shrek’s Swamp, visit the Poison Apple Pub, and brave the Mirror Maze of Insanity with DreamWorks characters. The experience is perfect for kids and ends with a chance to meet favourite characters from Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon.

5. Wembley Stadium Tour

Your VIP Stadium Tour at Wembley begins with the fascinating Crossbar Exhibition, where you’ll encounter historical objects dating back to the Empire Exhibition, including the iconic crossbar from the 1966 World Cup final. As you stroll through the Walk of Legends, filled with artefacts and memorabilia from the world’s biggest sporting and music events over the years, you’ll relive Wembley’s glory days.

This award-winning London experience gift goes beyond the ordinary, granting you access to areas typically reserved for the biggest names in sports and music, making you feel like a true VIP. Step into the transformed dressing rooms used during the Euros and sit in the same spot as your favorite player. Then, follow in the footsteps of football legends as you emerge from the Players’ Tunnel into the majestic Stadium Bowl, culminating in a climb up to the prestigious Royal Box.

6. Fully Guided Warner Bros. Studio Tour of the Making of Harry Potter

redeem your experience gift voucher on tickets to the harry potter studio in london
Redeeming your experience voucher for tickets to The Making of Harry Potter is a magical choice for all wizards, witches, and muggles alike. Step into the enchanting world of Hogwarts and Diagon Alley as you explore the very studios where the iconic Harry Potter films came to life. With your activity gift voucher, you’ll embark on a journey that unveils the secrets behind the spells, special effects, and astounding craftsmanship that made the wizarding world a reality on screen.

7. Private London Taxi Horror Tour

Prepare for a spine-tingling journey through the eerie past of London on this private London gift experience perfect for any dark tourist. Led by a knowledgeable, born-and-bred London guide, you’ll be immersed in gripping commentary and chilling anecdotes, delving into the darkest corners of London’s history. This tour will take you to execution sites, plague pits, murder scenes, and haunted churchyards, where tales of terror come to life.

8. 3-Hour Jazz Thames Dinner Cruise

redeem your experience voucher on a thames dinner cruise
Our next London gift experience is a more lighter affair as it takes us on the River Thames for the jazz dinner cruise. On the cruise, you’ll be greeted with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening. Indulge in a sumptuous 3-course meal while being serenaded by the melodious strains of live jazz performed by a quintet and a captivating singer. Lose yourself in the timeless melodies of famous swing and Latin jazz tunes like “Girl from Ipanema,” “Day and Night,” or “Summertime.” As you glide along the historic River Thames, you’ll experience the epitome of elegance while taking in iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and Canary Wharf.

9. Bond with 007 in London

james bond gift experience in london
Calling all Ian Fleming aficionados! Prepare to step into the thrilling world of spy espionage on the mean streets of London, embracing a legacy that spans an incredible 55 years of heart-pounding spy thrillers. With your accredited black cab driver and guide, a 007 expert, you’ll embark on a mission to relive your favourite spy flicks and assume the roles of their iconic characters.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves following in the footsteps of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and other legendary Bond actors, all under the guidance of your very own special agent. Dive deep into the enigmatic realm of Secret Service as you explore Westminster, Whitehall, and Downing Street, delving into mystery locations while receiving fact-filled commentary.

10. London Street Art Walking Tour

a london street art tour as part of a london gift experience
This arty London gift experience offers an insider’s perspective on the ever-evolving world of London’s street art scene, led by a local expert who is deeply connected to the community. Your passionate guides will unveil the rich tapestry of London Street Art, showcasing the diversity and creativity that thrives in this multicultural hub. As you journey through the East End, you’ll discover traditional graffiti in Shoreditch, encounter towering murals, and uncover hidden gems of artistic expression.

11. Greenwich Food Tour

The next London experience gift is for the foodies. Redeem your experience day voucher on the ultimate Greenwich food tour as you visit eateries popular with the locals, sampling a diverse range of British and international culinary delights. Discover the historic Greenwich market, where you’ll indulge in tasty snacks and soak in the lively atmosphere. Your knowledgeable guide will unveil the gastronomic secrets of Greenwich while ensuring you enjoy generous and mouthwatering samples at every stop.

12. Up at The O2 Daylight Climb

redeem your activity gift voucher on an O2 arena climbing experience
Get ready for a whole new perspective of London as you embark on an extraordinary journey with Up at The O2. This thrilling London experience allows you to ascend the world-famous roof of The O2, reaching a summit 52 meters above ground level and offering unparalleled 360-degree views of the iconic London skyline. During this approximately 90-minute adventure, expert guides will provide you with safety equipment and intriguing insights into the unique architecture and renowned visitors of The O2. On clear days, you’ll be treated to views of London landmarks up to 15 miles away, including Greenwich, the Olympic Park, and Canary Wharf, making it an awe-inspiring panoramic exploration of the capital like no other.

13. Thames Rockets Break the Barrier Speedboat Ride

Another one for the thrill-seekers. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping 45-minute high-speed gift experience on the Thames River in London that will leave your heart racing at speeds of up to 35 miles (56 km) per hour. Board a modern RIB (rigid-inflatable boat) with an experienced skipper and guide, and brace yourself for a rocket-like ride through the British capital. As you zoom through time, an eclectic medley of hits spanning from the 1960s to the present day will provide the soundtrack to your journey. With twists and turns, rolls and rushes, you’ll navigate the docklands, glide past maritime Greenwich, circle the legendary O2 arena, and venture all the way to the Thames Barrier and back.

14. Pub History and Brewery Tour of London

friends toast pints in a london pub
On this London gift experience, relax and unwind as you visit three of London’s most iconic pubs, each steeped in history and brimming with character. Whether you prefer beer, wine, or a non-alcoholic option, indulge in your drink of choice while your guide regales you with entertaining anecdotes about the events and characters associated with each pub. But the adventure doesn’t stop there; this tour also grants you an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the renowned Fullers Brewery. Spend 1.5 hours exploring the brewery’s inner workings and gaining insight into the art of beer production before sipping fresh samples straight from the cellar.

15. The London Soho Music Experience with The Hard Rock Cafe

london music tour
Explore the heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll London on a captivating music gift experience through iconic live venues led by a knowledgeable musical guide. From Rock ‘n’ Roll to Brit Pop and beyond, enjoy unforgettable stories and dine at a magnificent Hard Rock venue. Soho, the bohemian epicentre of Rock ‘n’ Roll, boasts a rich musical heritage, from Mozart to modern legends like The Beatles, Bowie, and Oasis. Discover where legendary Rock acts were born, recorded, and performed, starting from fashionable Carnaby Street. This music-filled London experience is a must for all music nerds.

Redeem Your Activity Voucher to Unlock These London Gift Experiences

With these 15 incredible London experience gifts, you can unlock a world of adventure, history, culture, and excitement. From guided tours of iconic landmarks like Westminster Abbey to thrilling adventures like high-speed Thames River cruises, there’s something for every taste and interest. Whether you’re exploring the magic of Harry Potter’s world, delving into London’s dark history on a private taxi tour, or enjoying a jazz dinner cruise on the Thames, these experience gifts promise to create lasting memories.

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