The Best Destinations for Chocolate Lovers for a Sugary Trip

November 18th, 2022

Let’s be honest, who here doesn’t love chocolate? Not us anyway! White, milk, dark or even praline chocolate, there are so many varieties that it’s impossible to resist this little wonder.

Your dream is to spend a night in the famous chocolate factory of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? To make the best chocolate with Willy Wonka? We don’t have the golden ticket, unfortunately, but we have something better! The best destinations in the world to taste the most delicious chocolate. So, shall we embark?

Brussels, Belgium

a lot of chocolate

You know about Belgian beers and waffles, but do you also know about Belgian chocolate? One of the best in the world. The country ranks fifth among the largest importers of cocoa beans in the world. Many Belgian brands are now known all over the world:

  • Bruyerre
  • Côte d’Or
  • Leonidas
  • Mary

The success of Belgian chocolate is based on the quality of its cocoa, its roasting and careful grinding.

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Costa Rica

A Latin American country, Costa Rica is rich in biodiversity, sumptuous landscapes and delicious chocolate. Cocoa plantations can be visited in Costa Rica and you can learn all the secrets about this food. Thanks to the quality of the soil and the climate, the production of high quality cocoa is optimal. Moreover, for many centuries, cocoa seeds were used by Amerindian communities as currency. Although this is no longer the case, cocoa remains very important for the local population, which also supports sustainable development. We note that 40% of the cocoa is of organic origin. Not surprising when you know that Costa Rica is the third country in Latin America in terms of environmentally friendly plantations.

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swiss chocolate

One of the largest consumers of chocolate in the world, the Swiss love chocolate and consume 11.6 kg per person each year. They are the biggest chocolate eaters in the world. The first chocolate store in Switzerland was opened in Bern in 1792, and was a pioneer in the chocolate industry. It was in Switzerland that the recipe for milk chocolate was created. In 1897, Henri Nestlé and Daniel Peter developed the famous milk chocolate recipe that became a great success.

Stop in Bern and discover the chocolate where Lindt and other chocolate pioneers began and enjoy a bar of mouthwatering chocolate and schnapps tasting in the Matte district.


Peru is one of the countries offering the best cocoa beans, the essential component to make good chocolate! In fact, it won the title for the best chocolate in the world in Paris, that’s how good it is. Moreover, in 2012, the Peruvian government declared the culture of cocoa as the “heritage of the nation”. Entire regions of Peru live from this culture with fair trade and organic programs.

Do not wait any longer to discover the chocolate of Peru, but don’t miss out on the other wonders of this country, like Machu Picchu.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

hershey chocolate factory

Hershey is a city in Pennsylvania in the northeastern United States and is known for its chocolate factory Hershey. Because of this company, the city is nicknamed Chocolatetown, USA or Sweetest Place on Earth. In this chocolate paradise, visitors can taste Hershey’s chocolate at Hershey’s Chocolate World and visit the Hershey Story Museum.

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