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September 23rd, 2022

Today we launch our brand new series, “Gift Diaries”. We got in touch with some of the fantastic local-owned activities across our Activitygift Platform to find out the inspiration behind their journey. Kicking off the series is an interview from Mimmo, Head Chef at one of the Sicilian Cooking Schools at Sat Group Taormina. Check out the full interview, as he shares more about cooking and the whole experience!

What’s the best part of your job?
The best part of my work is represented by the meeting with the students, and the curiosity to know them. I love to observe different ethnicities, nationalities, and cultures. During the lessons, there are often 6 to 10 nationalities, each with its own customs. In order to communicate with this diverse group, I use a lot of my humour that merges relationships and communication.

Could you share a little bit about your journey? What inspired you to create your business?
I started my business in 2012 in Sicily following a special request from an Australian traveller. Coincidentally, the first edition of Masterchef also began that year. Thanks to this first opportunity, I brought to light a hidden talent and a new vision of catering.

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What’s your favourite dish to make and why?
My favourite dish is fresh handmade pasta with sauce. It brings the memory of the Sundays spent with the family, with my grandmother who was the first cook, my father the second and I the third. I learned to cook when I was 10 years old, by watching them cook for the family.

What’s 1 cooking mistake that people always make?
The most common mistake is the measurement of ingredients, students often add by mistake.

What was the most memorable class you ever taught?
I remember a class where one of the students, carried away by the joy of cooking, began to dance and sing to the notes of “Mambo Italiano”, a song that we often use as the background for lessons. At that point, the whole class was carried away by the joy of coming together.

Describe your activity in 3 words.

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 I’m visiting Taormina, what’s the 1 thing I simply must do?
In addition to the cooking lesson, a nice walk in the historic centre, experiencing the nice smells from cooking in the alleys as well as visiting the Ancient Theater. It is all within walking distance in Taormina.

What’s the most rewarding reaction you see during your classes?
When the students say that the cooking class went beyond expectations. Once a customer revealed that he had visited Taormina twice, and had tried the experience with 2 other chefs decreeing that my cooking class was the best! That made me very proud….

What makes your activity unique?
Give students the pleasure of savouring a dish made with their own hands.

Any parting wisdom or advice for someone looking to start a unique experience?
Don’t imitate but personalize.

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Thank you to Chef Mimmo from Sat Group Taormina for chatting with us! Keep an eye out for more editions from our ‘Giftdiaries’ series.

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