The 14 Best Gift Experiences For Him

December 17th, 2023

Because we know what a challenge it is finding the best gift for the guy who has it all, we’ve made a list of the 14 best gift experiences for him redeemable with our activity gifts. It’s no secret that sometimes men can be a bit elusive when it comes to expressing what they want. But fear not, because we’ve cracked the code that’s going to help you find a gift he’ll love whether you’re shopping for your dad, brother, nephew, friend or other half. In this guide, we’ll dive into the wonderful world of experience gift ideas for men that they’ll actually appreciate – and what’s even better is that you don’t need to go hunting high and low to get them a great gift, as they are all available with one of our activity vouchers.

The 14 Best Gift Experiences For Him

1. Skywheel of Tallinn MUMM VIP Private Experience

Skywheel of Tallinn VIP experience - one of the best gift experiences for him
To kick off our list of the best experience gifts for him, we’ve got a VIP experience on the Skywheel of Tallinn. As part of the VIP experience, he can lounge in plush leather armchairs and savour chilled G.H.Mumm champagne, all while floating 120 metres above the captivating city of Tallinn. As the sun paints the sky with vibrant colours, he can take in the majestic cityscape, the glistening sea, Lake Ulemiste, and the lively airport. With no queues to wait in and the luxury of a private tour, it’s the ultimate gift experience for him. So, why will guys love it? Well, it’s a combination of breathtaking sights, quality champagne, and an exclusive, relaxed atmosphere.

2. Andretti Indoor Go-Kart Experience

men enjoy go karting as one of the best gift experiences for him
Get ready to rev up the excitement with our next experience gift for him! If you buy him one of our activity gifts, he’ll have the chance to grab the wheel of a speedy Biz Electric Kart and hit the incredible multi-level track for an adrenaline-packed go-kart adventure. With free cancellation, instant confirmation, and mobile tickets, there’s no reason to wait. It’s the perfect chance for him to challenge his friends to some high-speed thrills as he navigates the twists and turns of the track. And guess what? It’s not just for the speed demons – he can bring the whole family along for a day of unforgettable fun. Each driver will get a quick safety briefing and then it’s time to rev those engines and experience the exhilaration of go-karting like never before.

3. Brewery and Hofbräuhaus Tour in Munich

a man enjoys a tour of a brewery as part of a gift experience for him
If he’s a beer enthusiast, this gift experience for him is a dream come true. In Munich, the beer capital, he’ll explore the oldest brewery, learning the art of brewing and savoring traditional German meals without breaking the bank. The climax? A visit to the iconic Hofbräuhaus beer hall, where he’ll uncover its history, join the lively crowd, and raise a glass of delicious beer. It’s the perfect experience gift for me, combining his passion for beer with an immersive experience that’ll create lasting memories.

4. Snowmobile Adventure

one of the best gift experiences for him is a snowmobile adventure
Next on our list of the best experience gifts for him is none other than a snowmobile adventure in stunning Lapland. Why should he redeem his activity gift for this particular experience? Because taking the reins of your own snowmobile in Lapland’s pristine winter wonderland is an adventure like no other. Imagine the thrill of racing across snow-cloaked forests and fields, expertly guided through this icy paradise on a heart-pounding two-hour escapade. The cold air nipping at his cheeks as he effortlessly glides through this enchanting landscape is a memory in the making. And to cap it off, a piping hot drink awaits at the journey’s end.

5. Tenerife Private Surfing Lesson

a man enjoys one of the best gift experiences for him - a surfing lesson in tenerife
With a two-hour surfing course led by certified instructors, learning to surf has never been easier. thanks to this experience gift for him. Whether he’s a beginner or an advanced surfer, there are classes tailored for him. He’ll gain essential knowledge, from understanding the surfboard and its functions to reading the beach and waves, along with crucial safety tips about break points and currents. Plus, everything he needs is included, from insurance and equipment to a wetsuit and even a snack.

6. iFLY Indoor Skydiving Sacramento

At number six on our list of the best gift experiences for him is an indoor skydiving activity. With indoor skydiving, he’ll feel the rush of plummeting, free-falling, and soaring, all within the safety of a vertical wind chamber. When he arrives at iFLY, he’ll gear up in a flight suit and helmet, receiving expert guidance from an accredited instructor. Then, it’s off to the flight chamber, where he’ll be lifted into the air by a powerful wind. Weightless and spinning, he’ll receive valuable tips from the instructor for an incredible gift experience. After touching down, he can catch his breath and do it all over again!

7. Cretan 4×4 Experience

a man on a quadbike as part of an experience gift for men
Next up is a unique 4×4 adventure through serene Crete villages, off the beaten path. With a knowledgeable guide, he’ll navigate dusty tracks, explore charming spots, and take in stunning views. From the Lion Fountain in Spili to off-road thrills near Kerames village, the journey includes a stop at Preveli Beach and a delicious Cretan lunch. Don’t miss the walk through Kourtaliotiko Gorge. It’s more than a gift; it’s a chance for the special man in your life to uncover Crete’s hidden beauty and create unforgettable memories on a pulse-raising 4×4.

8. Tipsy Tour Bar Crawl in Rome

a bar crawl in rome is one of the best gift experiences for him
What makes our next activity one of the best gift experiences for him is that it combines the excitement of a bar crawl with the cultural richness of a historical walking tour in the heart of Rome. If he enjoys exploring local bars, socialising, and sipping drinks while learning about history, this is an ideal choice. Starting in a picturesque Piazza, with the rest of the bar crawl he’ll visit a hidden memorial, a local pub for pizza, and traverse the city with additional drinks in hand. The journey culminates in a lively Irish pub where everyone receives a complimentary shot to top off the evening.

9. Santa Clara Marbella Golf

Why is this one of the best gift experiences for him? Because it offers a golfer’s paradise in the stunning landscape of Spain. The Santa Clara Golf Club Marbella is a haven for golf enthusiasts, designed with utmost respect for the natural environment, allowing indigenous wildlife and vegetation to flourish. This par 71, 5,878-meter course seamlessly blends with the rugged terrain, providing an exhilarating round of golf. With wide fairways, minimal roughs, and open greens, it’s both technically challenging and delightfully straightforward. Plus, the club boasts a driving range with 30 tees, 10 of which are covered, ensuring the perfect practice session.

10. PADI Discover Scuba Diving

a man scuba dives as part of his experience gift for men
For our next gift experience for men, he can witness the mesmerising beauty of the Maldives’ marine life up close and personal. If he’s ever dreamed of scuba diving, there’s no better place to start than in these pristine waters. This introductory course is tailored for beginners, providing a quick and straightforward path to scuba diving. He’ll learn essential safety guidelines, how to use scuba equipment, and the fundamental skills required for a successful dive. By the end of the course, he’ll be ready to plunge into the ocean and immerse himself in the underwater wonders of the Maldives. It’s an adventure perfectly suited for first-time divers, offering a chance to explore a whole new world beneath the waves.

11. Wilderness Survival Winter Tour

Our next men’s gift experience is not for the faint hearted and perfect for any aspiring Bear Gryll’s in the making. It’s a thrilling journey into the wild heart of Lapland, offering an opportunity to explore the untamed Taiga forest. If he has a passion for adventure, this experience is a must. Guided by an expert, he’ll delve into the enchanting world of Lapland’s forests, discovering the secrets of trees, plants, wildlife, and essential survival skills like fire-making. Safety instructions and guidance are provided at the start, ensuring a secure adventure. Midway through, he’ll enjoy refreshing snacks and a typical Finnish BBQ, fueling the expedition. This all-season tour showcases the beauty of each season, with winter bringing breathtaking snowdrifts, white trails, and frozen trees straight out of a fairy tale. Even as temperatures plummet to -30°C, he’ll learn to identify animal tracks in the snow, from wolves to reindeer.

12. Shot of Improv Comedy Show

Up next is an improve comedy show in Amsterdam. What better way to kickstart a Saturday night in this incredible city than with a dose of laughter and camaraderie? If he enjoys a good time and appreciates the art of improvisation, this gift experience is a must. This late-night show promises big laughs and a unique twist—watching improvisers transform into comedy bartenders, crafting delicious shots while creating scenes and characters. Shot of Improv is a fully improvised comedy show, ensuring a fresh experience every time. He gets to set the tone of the show, making it as crazy as he likes, with a free shot to fuel his suggestions. With two acts and an intermission, it’s 90 minutes of rapid wit and uproarious humour.

13. Count’s Kustom VIP Car Tour

cars in las vegas
Next on our list of the best gift experiences for men is an exclusive insider’s journey into the heart of Las Vegas, led by the renowned Danny “Count” Koker. If he’s a car enthusiast, this experience is tailor-made for him. Starting at The Rio Hotel, the adventure includes a minibus tour customized by Count’s Kustoms, visits to iconic Las Vegas sites like the famous sign, and stops at car havens like Count’s Kustoms, Welder Up, the Shelby American Collection, and Nostalgia Street Rods. He’ll witness jaw-dropping cars, rare Shelby models, and vast memorabilia collections, all under the guidance of a Las Vegas legend.

14. Bosphorus Luxury Yacht Cruise at Sunset with Snacks & Drinks

For our last men’s gift experience, we’re taking it up a notch with a luxury yacht cruise in beautiful Istanbull. During the 2-hour tour, he’ll be treated to panoramic views of Sultanahmet, Dolmabahce Palace, Ciragan Palace, Rumeli Fortress, Ortaköy Mosque, the Maiden Tower, and even pass beneath the iconic Bosphorus Bridge. An audio guide will unveil captivating stories, unraveling the history and mystique of this unique city spanning two continents. As he enjoys delicious refreshments, coffee, tea, and a glass of wine, he can also opt for cocktails, wines, or champagne at reasonable prices.

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