The 6 best theme parks in Paris region in 2024

June 17th, 2024

Looking to enjoy a day at a amusement park around Paris? To help you get your fill of thrills, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best theme parks in Île de France in this article. Between favorite attractions, practical advice and a diversity of universes, you’ll find all the important information in this article.

Top 6 best theme parks in Île de France in 2024

  1. Disneyland Paris: France’s favorite park.
  2. Le Parc Astérix: a theme park to fill your senses.
  3. La Mer de Sable: a park mixing attraction and show.
  4. Le Jardin d’Acclimatation: a park 20 minutes from the center of Paris.
  5. Winnoland: an amusement park for the little ones.
  6. Parc Saint Paul: a low-budget theme park.

If you have a specific question about theme parks in Ile de France, feel free to go directly to our FAQ section.

Top 6 theme parks in Ile de France in 2024

Big fans of rides or just looking for an idea for an outing around Paris, check out our list of the 6 best theme parks in Ile de France. If you don’t mind going a little further afield, we suggest you read the following articles:

1. Disneyland Paris (1h from Paris)

One of the Disney hotels in the best theme park in ïle de France
First theme park in Ile de France on our list, Disneyland Paris, France’s most famous theme park. Unrivalled in France for decades, this theme park is easily accessible from the inner suburbs of Paris. It’s hard to make an exhaustive list of things to do there, however if we had to choose, the following attractions and activities are our favorites at Disneyland Paris:

  1. The Tower of Terror: this sensational attraction is a firm favourite with the general public. The ambience of the attraction once you’ve passed through the tower’s gates helps to create a chilling experience for visitors.
  2. Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: you can drive a spaceship and feel like you’re traveling at the speed of light for guaranteed thrills.
  3. Nemo: an attraction adored by young and old alike, you’ll swim through the big blue.

A restaurant not to be missed if you want to immerse yourself in the world of your favorite Disneys is the Bistrot de Chez Rémy, the very famous restaurant from Ratatouille. Eat in an over-the-top universe where bottle tops serve as chairs and jam caps as tables. Find out all about chez Rémy’s special menu for a culinary experience not to be missed.

How to get to Disneyland Paris

If you’ve decided to visit Disneyland Paris park in the next few days, it’s easily accessible from the capital’s city center. There are several ways to get there:

  • By express shuttle: Disneyland Paris has a shuttle departing from downtown Paris (Tour Eiffel 8:30am, Opéra 8:35am, Châtelet 8:55am and Gare du Nord 8:15am) and offers a return to Paris at 9pm. Reservations must be made 2 days in advance.
  • By RER: by taking the RER A direction Nation, you’ll have just 35 min of transport to reach the parks by stopping at the Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy station.
  • By car: take the freeway towards Paris from the south, or towards Metz/Nancy from the north. Follow the signs for “Disneyland Paris” (about 1 hour’s drive from the city center).

Disneyland Paris in brief

  • Customer reviews: rating of 4.5/5 on Google.
  • Diversity of attractions: +50 attractions for all ages – see all attractions.
  • Price: from €72.
  • Where to book: on their website oron Activitygift (if you received an activity gift card).

2. Parc Astérix (1h from Paris)

A family heading for a gran huit at Parc Asterix in Ile de France
Second theme park in Ile de France not to be missed, Le Parc Astérix. One of the most popular amusement parks in Ile de France for French and foreign visitors alike. One of the best in Europe, it plunges you into the incredible world of the irresistible Gauls who resisted the Roman invaders.

This Ile de France theme park is a little less crowded than Disneyland, so you’ll spend less time in line at the various attractions. On the other hand, the park has a good range of thrill rides as well as quieter attractions for families. A tip for strolling around Parc d’Asterix is to download the park app. This will give you access to the digitized map to get around, but also to check waiting times in real time.

Among our favorite park attractions, we recommend adding the following to your list of must-see attractions:

  1. Goudurix: this roller coaster with 7 inversions features portions at over 90km/h.
  2. Tonnerre 2 Zeus: Europe’s most sensational wooden attraction. The noise created by the passing rails will make you feel as if you’ve woken the god of thunder.
  3. The Tower of Edifis: a new park attraction in 2024; the Tower of Edifis at 40m tall and with its flying chair system is now one of the general public’s favorite attractions.

A must-see that we loved was the park’s musical comedy. Discover the characters of Groupidupianix and Sérotonine as they recount their wacky adventures to music in the show “C’est du Délire!”.

For the little ones, we recommend not missing Discobelix, the Menhir Express and the pirates’ revenge.

How to get to Parc Astérix

Located 35 km north of Paris, on the A1 freeway towards Lille, Parc Astérix can be reached in 2 ways from the Capital:

  • By public transport (approx. 2h15): take metro line 1 and get off at nation before taking bus 351 to RoissyPole. Once there, take an Oze Route shuttle towards Parc Asterix
  • By car (approx. 30 minutes): take the Porte de la Chapelle/Lille direction north of Paris, then exit at junction 7 and 8 towards Parc Asterix.

Parc Asterix in brief

  • Customer reviews: rating of 4.6/5 on Google.
  • Diversity of attractions: +50 attractions – see the attraction map.
  • Price: from €59.
  • Where to book: on their website or on Activitygift (if you received an activity gift card).

3. La Mer de Sable (1h from Paris)

Young people in an amusement park attraction in Ile de France
Less well-known than the 2 parks mentioned above, the Ile de France amusement park La Mer de Sable is perfect if you want to enjoy a lively day out with your young family. Parc d’attraction de la Mer de Sable is a human-sized park featuring mainly attractions dedicated to under-13s. However, your teenagers will be delighted by attractions such as Silver Mountain and Cheyenne River.

Also located on a 20-hectare dune estate in the heart of the Ermenonville forest, you can enjoy an incredible natural setting for your weekend outing. Another plus point, most attractions (80%) are accessible to children under 90cm perfect if you’re planning a outing with your little ones in Ile de France.

How to get to the Mer de Sable park

The Mer de Sable theme park in Ile de France is 45min drive from central Paris. A 20-minute drive from Roissy, and 35 minutes from Les Maux, you’ll enjoy free parking once you arrive on site.
How to get to Mer de Sable:

  • By car: via the A1, take exit 7 towards Ermenonville. Then follow the signs for Ermenonville.

La Mer de Sable in brief

  • Customer reviews: rating of 4.2/5 on Google.
  • Diversity of attractions: 27 attractions – see the attractions map.
  • Price: from €25.
  • Where to book: on their website.

4.Le Jardin d’Acclimatation (20min from Paris)

A carousel in an amusement park in Ile de France
The Jardin d’Acclimatation is a children’s paradise and one of the most popular amusement parks in Ile de France. Just 20 minutes from the French capital, it’s ideally located for families who don’t want to take the car.

Between bucolic garden, Russian mountains but also educational farm this Ile de France theme park has established itself with Parisians as the local family outing. With its 42 attractions and 18 hectares of nature, the park has plenty of entertainment to keep young and old occupied. Around 15 foodtrucks are also on site to cater for you if you don’t want to bring your own picnic.

Family favorites in the aclimate garden include:

  1. Flying boats
  2. The Astrolabe
  3. The Speed Rockets

How to get to the Jardin d’Acclimatation

The Jardin d’Acclimatation is one of Ile de France’s most accessible theme parks for the general public. Located on the metro line 1, just get off at the Les Sablons stop and walk about 7 minutes to the park entrance.

The Jardin d’Acclimatation in brief

  • Customer reviews: rating of 4.3/5 on Google.
  • Diversity of attractions: 42 attractions – see the attractions.
  • Price: from €27.
  • Where to book: on their website.

5. Winnoland (1h from Paris)

Children in an amusement park in Ile de France
Formerly known as Babyland, Winnoland amusement park has reinvented itself and now ranks among the top amusement parks in Ile de France. With its 34 atractions, the park seeks to offer a unique experience for young families looking for activities to do together for a day.

In this park, the majority of attractions are accessible to children under one meter. Ideal for young families who want to create unique memories in their children’s minds from an early age.

Watch your youngest experience their first thrills on the Big Apple or Pteranodon attraction.

How to get to Winnoland

Around 1 hour from downtown Paris, Winnoland park is more easily accessible by car. It is possible to reach the park by public transport, but this will unfortunately take you longer.
Itinerary to Winnoland:

  • By car: take exit 29 on the Francilienne (N104) towards Corbeil Rive Droite. Then follow Saintry.
  • By public transport: take the RER D towards Corbeil-Essonnes. Then board the 312- Hameau de Seine and get off at the Route de Morsang stop. then walk about twenty minutes to reach the park entrance.

Good to know: the park is not open every day, go to the park’s official website to consult the Winnoland calendar.

Winnoland in brief

  • Customer reviews: rating of 4.2/5 on Google.
  • Diversity of attractions: 27 attractions – see the attraction map.
  • Price: from €18.5.
  • Where to book: on their website.

6. Parc Saint Paul (1h from Paris)

A child and his mother in one of the best amusement parks in ile de France
The last Ile de France theme park on our list is le Parc Saint Paul. Located in the Oise region, this authentic, human-scale park offers families no fewer than 45 attractions, including 5 ideal for thrill-seekers. This family-friendly park is ideal if you want to escape the hordes of tourists who flock to renowned parks, while also enjoying the benefits of the latter.

In addition to the attractions on offer, the park also transforms itself during festive periods such as Halloween and Christmas, offering unique universes themed on these special moments in the hearts of the French.

Saint Paul’s flagship attractions are :

  • The Wood Express: a neighboring roller coaster capable of speeds of up to 60km/h.
  • The Dino Disk’o: spin on a giant disc with all the members of your family.
  • Les Pédalos Cygnes: stroll with your family on the park’s waters for a moment of relaxation.

How to get to Parc Saint Paul

Parc Saint Paul is accessible by car, but also by car for families wishing to organize a family outing to this Ile de France amusement park. To reach the park:

  • By car: take the A1 then the A16 towards Beauvais. Take exit 14 on the A16, then follow the signs to Parc Saint Paul.
  • By public transport: take the train line from Gare du Nord towards Beauvais. Once in Beauvais, take the line 518 to Saint-Paul Parc.

Parc Saint Paul in brief

  • Customer reviews: rating of 4.2/5 on Google.
  • Diversity of attractions: 27 attractions – see the attraction map.
  • Price: from €18.5.
  • Where to book: on their website.

FAQ: the most frequently asked questions about theme parks in Île de France

A family in a theme park in Ile de France

What park to visit with children in Ile de France?

If you’re looking for an amusement park in Ile de France to visit with children, we can recommend one of the following parks:

  1. Disneyland Paris
  2. La Mer de Sable
  3. Winnoland
  4. Koh-Lanta park at France Miniature
  5. Le Parc Saint Paul
  6. Le Jardin d’Acclimatation

Each of the parks listed below has worlds and attractions perfect for little ones and middle-aged children, so you can make the most of a family day out.

What theme parks are on offer in the Île de France region?

The Île de France region boasts a number of theme parks. Among them, you’ll find:

  • Disneyland Paris to immerse yourself in the Disney/Pixar universe as well as Marvel.
  • Le parc Astérix recreating the universe of the world’s best-known Gaul.
  • France Miniature where you can admire all the world’s most beautiful monuments (in smaller size).
  • Koh-Lanta Park in France Miniature so kids can take part in the legendary trials.

What theme parks are closed in Ile de France?

If you’re looking for a covered amusement park in Ile de France, the following parks are closed and will allow you to have fun even on rainy days:

  • Nikitoat Domus (45min from downtown Paris): between arcade, karting, Prison Island, I-quiz and trampoline park, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. (For all ages.)
  • Wahoo Parkin Servon (1h30 from downtown Paris): this giant playground is perfect for letting your kids between 3 and 12 let off steam on an air of over 200m2. (For younger kids.)
  • Wonderful LandClaye-Souilly (from downtown Paris): this indoor park is made up of several universes consisting of a Ninja Warrior course, a crazy climbing wall and a 100% private karaoke universe. (For all ages.)

When is there a funfair in Paris?

If you’re looking for an original outing with family or friends, the fêtes foraines in Île-de-France are a perfect way to enjoy a unique day or evening. Among the best fairsin Île de France, you’ll find:

  • La Foire Du Trône: usually held between the end of March and the end of April for 1 month. With over 350 attractions (including 80 rides), it’s one of the biggest in the region.
  • La Fête des Loges: from June 28 to August 18 2024 in Saint-Germain en Laye. This is one of the oldest fairs in the region (over 300 years old). With 200 attractions, plenty of entertainment and parades, you’re sure not to get bored.
  • La Fête des Tuilleries: from June 22 to August 25 at the Bois de Boulogne. Formerly on the Tuileries Gardens, the Fête des Tuileries moves to the Bois de Boulogne this year. With over 60 attractions, a guinguette and 6 restaurants, you’ll be able to make the most of an outing to one of Paris’s best-known funfairs.

Gift your loved ones a unique day out at a Parisian theme park

A free gift card for a theme park fan
If one of your loved ones is a big theme park fan, one of the nicest gifts you can give them is an activity gift card that gives them access to the best theme parks in Ile de France. The Activitygift gift card, will allow him to choose from the long list of amusement parks in France but also in the world to organize a perfect day to fill up with adrenaline. Whatever the date, they’ll be able to book their tickets for Parc Astérix, Disneyland Paris or any other park at a time that suits them best.

If you’re looking for other ideas for activities to do with your loved ones, take a look at the following articles:

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