The Best Chocolate Activities In and Around the UK

November 8th, 2022

As a nation of chocolate lovers, the UK has no shortage of activities to satisfy sweet tooth cravings. From workshops to tasting tours, the country is filled with local gems and extravagant experiences to enjoy the world-famous treat in style. Curious to learn more about them? Dive into the article and immerse yourself in some of the best chocolate activities in and around the country.

Chocolatarium Edinburgh

If you’re planning on visiting Edinburgh, make sure to explore the Chocolatarium. If you’re thinking of activities for kids, the popular chocolate factory specializes in delicious chocolate tours with lots of exciting tastings along the way. Learn about how beans are transformed, and discover fun facts about how chocolate is made. The best part? You’ll also have the chance to make your own chocolate bar. Round off the tour by sampling more than 30 varieties of chocolate. Choose from dark chocolate, Japanese chocolate, and even the haggis-infused kind.

Afternoon Tea Dublin

Looking to indulge yourself while going back in time? Dublin’s afternoon tea trip is the perfect way to enjoy some chocolatey goodness while listening to 1950s jazz music. From scones with clotted cream to chocolate chip cookies, the unique experience takes place on a vintage bus and is the perfect setting for a special occasion. Take in some of the best sights of downtown Dublin, St.Patrick’s Cathedral, and Trinity College, while indulging in some chocolatey confections.

Chocolate Shop London

If you’re curious about London’s chocolate scene, consider this food tour of the city. As the perfect way to sample local delicacies, this fun activity will take you on a journey of international cuisines and African chocolate. Bringing you some extra sugary goodness, you’ll also have the chance to dive deeper into the city’s dessert scene, by sampling some authentic Italian gelato and Britain’s favorite dessert, the trifle.

The Ritz Afternoon Tea

Eager to sample chocolate like royalty? Join this special tour of Royal London before sitting down to sample gourmet treats. After watching the spectacular Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, head over to the Ritz for its world-renowned afternoon tea. Spoil yourself with mouth-watering pastries, cakes, and hot chocolate. This experience is bound to stay with you long after it’s over.

Ready to treat yourself yet? Embark on one of these decadent experiences, and enjoy the wonderful world of chocolate.

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