The 15 Best Corporate Team Building Activities

January 24th, 2024

Are you planning your corporate away day but can’t seem to find any corporate team-building activities that are fun or unique enough to really make an impact on your office team? Well keep on reading, as with our activity vouchers, you can unlock over 50,000 activities worldwide, including tons of exciting office team experiences to help rejuvenate and motivate.

What are the Benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities?

an office team plays tug of war as one of the best corporate team building activites
If you’ve been going back and forth over whether corporate days out are really worth the cost, check out our list of the numerous benefits of corporate away days:

  • Improved Communication: Effective communication is the backbone of any successful team. Team building activities often require participants to collaborate, share ideas, and work together to solve challenges. These experiences can help break down communication barriers and foster better understanding among team members, leading to more efficient and productive workplace interactions.
  • Enhanced Team Cohesion: Team building activities promote a sense of unity and camaraderie among colleagues. When employees engage in fun and memorable experiences together outside the usual office environment, they tend to form stronger bonds. This sense of togetherness can translate into better teamwork and a more harmonious work atmosphere.
  • Boosted Morale and Motivation: A day filled with exciting and enjoyable activities can significantly boost employee morale. It provides a break from routine work and allows employees to unwind, reducing stress and burnout. When employees feel appreciated and motivated, they are more likely to be engaged and enthusiastic about their roles.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Many team building activities involve problem-solving challenges or puzzles that require creative thinking and quick decision-making. These activities help employees develop valuable problem-solving skills that they can apply to their work, improving their ability to overcome obstacles and find innovative solutions.
  • Leadership Development: Team building activities often provide opportunities for individuals to step into leadership roles or showcase their leadership qualities. These experiences can help identify emerging leaders within the organization and allow them to hone their leadership skills in a low-stakes environment.
  • Increased Productivity: Team building activities can have a direct impact on workplace productivity. By promoting collaboration, enhancing communication, and building trust among team members, employees are better equipped to work together effectively, leading to improved overall productivity.
  • Reduced Conflict: Team building activities can help mitigate workplace conflicts by fostering understanding and empathy among team members. When employees have a chance to connect on a personal level, they are less likely to engage in interpersonal conflicts or misunderstandings.
  • Employee Retention: Investing in team building activities shows your commitment to employee well-being and job satisfaction. When employees feel valued and connected to their colleagues and the company as a whole, they are more likely to stay with the organisation long-term, reducing turnover rates.

From improved communication and teamwork to increased motivation and problem-solving skills, corporate team building activities can help rejuvenate and motivate your employees, ultimately leading to a more productive and harmonious work environment. Now let’s dive into our top 15 corporate team building activities available with our experience vouchers.

15 Fun UK Corporate Team Building Activities

1. Cambridge E-Scooter Tour

take your team on a corporate away day with e-scooters
First on our list of the 10 best corporate team building activities is an e-scooter tour in Cambridge. This e-scooter tour in Cambridge is an ideal team-building experience as it offers a thrilling adventure that encourages teams to step out of their comfort zones and tackle shared challenges while exploring the city’s landmarks with the guidance of a local expert. The team building activity promotes bonding and deeper connections among team members, regardless of their skill levels, with safety measures in place such as helmets and accessible e-scooter rentals. The flexibility of a 100% refund policy also reduces stress and enhances commitment, making it an engaging and inclusive team-building opportunity that combines adventure, education, and camaraderie.

2. Charles Dickens London Exploration Game and Tour

The second corporate experience is an excellent choice for team building among colleagues due to its engaging storyline, problem-solving elements, and exploration factor. Following in the footsteps of Charles Dickens in an immersive city exploration game encourages collaboration and communication, fostering critical thinking and idea sharing within the team. Navigating historical London streets and discovering hidden treasures adds adventure and encourages colleagues to step out of their comfort zones. With the flexibility to start and pause the game at any time, it accommodates busy team schedules. Plus, for teams with a passion for literature, it provides a unique source of creative inspiration and shared experiences, fostering camaraderie and positively impacting workplace relationships.

3. London Dungeon Experience

Immerse your team in an unforgettable corporate away day by exploring London’s dark and mysterious past at the London Dungeon—an ideal choice for unique and thrilling team-building. Laugh and scream together as you encounter infamous characters like Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd, all while feeling the adrenaline rush of two terrifying rides. With over 40 years of captivating and eerie tours, the London Dungeon offers a blend of dark humor and historical storytelling that will have your team laughing from start to finish. Unlike traditional sightseeing or museums, this experience adds an exhilarating twist to your team-building, providing 18 interactive sets, live actors, and spectacular special effects based on real historical events. Navigate the misty streets of Whitechapel, brave plague-ravaged houses, and explore a chilling torture chamber, all while testing your agility to escape Henry the VIII’s wrath. To top it off, savor a Victorian beverage at the dungeon’s haunted tavern—a perfect way to conclude this spine-tingling team-building adventure that promises unforgettable memories and a dose of camaraderie.

4. Sea Life London Aquarium Tickets

one of the best corporate team building activities is a trip to the london aquarium
Our next corporate team building idea is a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium in London. The Sea Life Aquarium presents an ideal corporate team-building opportunity, combining team bonding, education, and relaxation in one immersive experience. Exploring the aquarium together fosters camaraderie among colleagues while providing an educational platform for learning about marine ecosystems and diverse aquatic life. With various zones to explore, from the Pacific depths to the Amazon Rainforest, and interactions with sea turtles, penguins, and sharks, team members create lasting memories and engage in enriching conversations. The tranquil aquatic setting also offers stress relief, contributing to a positive team dynamic. Whether for small or large teams, the convenient location along the River Thames makes it an inclusive and accessible choice, ensuring a rewarding and memorable team outing.

5. Loch Ness Explorer Day Trip

Elevate your corporate team’s cohesion and morale with the ultimate corporate away day amidst the picturesque Scottish Highlands on our Loch Ness Explorer excursion. Leave the city’s chaos behind and immerse your team in a day filled with adventure, camaraderie, and breathtaking natural beauty. As you embark on a thrilling monster hunt at Loch Ness, your office team members will collaborate on this exciting quest while taking in the stunning Scottish landscape. This corporate experience offers a unique twist on team-building activities, fostering communication, problem-solving, and team bonding in an unforgettable setting. Explore iconic Scottish landmarks like Glencoe, Ben Nevis, and the Great Glen, making each moment a shared memory.

6. Murder Mystery Experience at the Royal Mile

one of the best corporate away days is a murder mystery in the royal mile
Take your office team on an exciting and interactive murder mystery adventure in the heart of historic Edinburgh, making it the perfect choice for a captivating corporate away day. Immerse yourself in a thrilling 1968 murder investigation set against the backdrop of Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile. This unique experience offers a fresh perspective on history, as team members become detectives, gathering evidence, solving tasks, and deciphering riddles to uncover the culprit. The adventure encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and teamwork, as your team explores Edinburgh’s historical surroundings while immersed in a suspenseful murder mystery. At the conclusion, the identity of the murderer is revealed, along with the evidence and sentence that condemned them, adding a sense of accomplishment to your corporate day out.

7. Up at The O2 Daylight Climb

Rev up your corporate team with an exhilarating team-building adventure at Up at The O2, the ideal corporate away day for a dynamic corporate outing that will leave your team feeling invigorated and inspired. Ascend to the summit of this iconic venue alongside your colleagues, forging stronger bonds and boosting team morale as you conquer this thrilling ascent together. Over the course of approximately 90 minutes, our expert guides ensure your safety while sprinkling in fascinating nuggets about the venue’s architecture and its storied visitors, sparking lively conversations and curiosity among team members. Upon reaching the summit, bask in the breathtaking 360-degree views of London’s bustling skyline, creating unforgettable shared moments of awe and camaraderie. This high-spirited experience fosters open communication, seamless teamwork, and a shared sense of accomplishment, making it an uplifting and invigorating team-building opportunity that offers a fresh, vibrant perspective on the dynamic capital of the UK. Get ready to elevate your team’s spirits to new heights!

8. A Silent Disco in Manchester

Let your office team blow off steam by redeeming your leisure vouchers on a fun silent disco in Manchester. Liven up your corporate team and ignite team spirit with an electrifying team-building experience in Manchester like no other. Join this unique Silent Disco Adventure and groove through the city’s iconic streets with your enthusiastic guides. Before hitting the streets, warm up your vocal cords and limber up for a dance-filled journey that promises an unforgettable bonding experience. It’s not just a flash mob, a silent disco, or a roaming adventure; it’s a rhythmic riot that will bring your team closer together. With super hi-tech headphones, you’ll be transported through the decades, dancing to old-school classics and today’s chart-toppers, all while sharing laughs and memorable moments with your colleagues. Manchester becomes your personal dance floor, and it’s time to showcase your team’s moves and enthusiasm. Led by your spirited host, this Silent Disco Adventure will bring your team together in a way you’ve never experienced before, creating lasting bonds and memories while dancing through the heart of Manchester. Get ready to elevate your team’s energy levels and foster teamwork with this one-of-a-kind corporate team-building activity.

9. Thamesjet Speedboat 50-minute Ride

Energise your corporate team with a thrilling team-building adventure aboard the Thamesjet Speedboat. In just 50 minutes, experience the adrenaline rush of sightseeing and aquabatics while passing iconic London landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye, Shard, and Tower Bridge. Skilled skippers will provide an aquabatic ride of twists, turns, wave jumps, and speed around Canary Wharf. Afterwards, return to Westminster Pier to catch your breath, relish the Thames experience, and capture lasting memories. This action-packed corporate day out combines speed, excitement, and London’s iconic skyline for a unique team-building experience.

10. Skipton Canal evening Fish and Chip Cruise

take your office team to the skipton canal for one of the best corporate team building activities
For our next corporate away day, whisk your office team away on a 2-hour canal cruise in Skipton. Glide along the picturesque Leeds and Liverpool Canal, taking in the stunning countryside views while your team tucks in to award-winning Yorkshire fish and chips, complete with optional mushy peas, served directly to your table from Bizzie Lizzie’s. Skipton Boat Trips and Bizzie Lizzie’s have joined forces to offer you this unforgettable experience, departing from Skipton’s scenic canal basin. A fully licensed bar, featuring local beers, will enhance your corporate team building experience. This engaging team-building activity provides not only transport but also the opportunity for your team to unwind, bond over delicious food, and enjoy the tranquil beauty of Yorkshire’s countryside, all in one concise, memorable package.

11. Scottish Ceilidh Night

Unwind and let loose with your office team while immersing yourselves in traditional Highland culture through a lively Ceilidh experience. Embrace the vibrant spirit of Scotland with this 2-hour musical and dance extravaganza, featuring bagpipes, accordion tunes and, of course, plenty of Highland dancing. Ceilidh, a Gaelic term for an informal social gathering filled with Scottish music, singing, traditional dance, storytelling, and sheer fun, offers a unique way to blow off steam and connect with Scotland’s rich culture. This engaging team-building activity is a perfect opportunity for your office team to relax, enjoy, and bond while experiencing the essence of Scottish music and traditions. Gratuities are included, and all you need to do is show up and let the talented performers guide you through this ultimate Scottish music experience. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening that promises camaraderie and cultural immersion, while the show starts at 9.00pm and wraps up at 11.00pm, making it an excellent way to unwind after a day of work.

12. A Bristol Cheese Crawl

Next on our list of best corporate team building activities is a Bristol cheese crawl. Boost your office team’s morale and strengthen their bonds with a unique cheese-themed team-building activity in Clifton. This engaging walking tour offers a delightful opportunity to explore Clifton’s picturesque village while indulging in a delectable array of cheese treats, expertly guided by a cheese connoisseur. The highlight is a challenging trivia quiz that tests your team’s cheese knowledge and encourages friendly competition and laughter, enhancing camaraderie and communication. Sharing cheesy puns and sampling a variety of cheeses fosters a positive team dynamic, creating lasting memories and shared experiences. Concluding with a refreshing glass of cider, this well-rounded activity not only elevates team morale but also enhances unity and teamwork among colleagues, making it a memorable and effective team-building experience.

13. Warner Bros. Studio Harry Potter Tickets

take your team on a corporate away day to the Warner Bros. Studio Harry Potter
Become the office hero by planning a corporate away day that will leave your team spellbound and united. Treat your colleagues to an enchanting visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, immersing them in the much-loved magical world of Harry Potter. Explore awe-inspiring sets, including the Great Hall, Forbidden Forest, and Diagon Alley, and get up close with authentic props and original costumes, igniting everyone’s passion for the Wizarding World. Board the Hogwarts Express, discover the secrets of filmmaking in the special effects department, and create your own origami howler. With comfortable return transfers from London, this unforgettable experience includes themed features throughout the year, such as Magical Mischief, Discovering Hogwarts, Dark Arts, and Hogwarts in the Snow. As the mastermind behind this crowd-pleasing corporate away day, you’ll earn the title of office hero, fostering team unity and unforgettable memories among your colleagues in the enchanting world of Harry Potter.

14. Brecon Beacons Waterfall Walk with Guide

take your team to the Brecon Beacons Waterfalls as one of the best corporate team building activities
Elevate team well-being and inspire positive habits by organising a transformative corporate away day in Waterfall Country, nestled within the breathtaking Brecon Beacons. As the visionary behind this experience, you’ll be celebrated for prioritising employee health. Guided by a local expert, your team will explore six magnificent waterfalls and delve into their associated myths and legends, fostering a deeper connection with nature. With invigorating fresh air and stress-free moments, this day promotes physical activity and a positive mindset. The highlight—walking behind a waterfall—encourages healthy behaviours and a love for the outdoors. This corporate away day not only unifies your team but also cultivates well-being, solidifying your reputation as a leader who values colleague health and happiness.

15. Globalls Aquatica Minigolf and Carnival Games Experience

Let your team unwind and blow off steam during this exhilarating corporate day out at GLOBALLS, an award-winning ultraviolet crazy golf course tucked away in Brighton Marina. By arranging this corporate experience, you’ll be hailed as the champion of team bonding and memorable outings. Dive into the vibrant world of GLOBALLS, featuring four themed courses adorned with life-size neon sculptures and eccentric artwork, all crafted in-house. With this ticket, your team gains skip-the-line access to your choice of activities: Aquatica, an under-the-sea-themed 12-hole minigolf course; Jurassic, a dinosaur-themed 12-hole minigolf course; Zootopia, an animal-themed 12-hole minigolf course; or Carnival games, offering 10 interactive ‘fairground’ themed games as a fun alternative to golf. What’s more, the ticket includes queue jump privileges and a glow necklace or triple bracelet for each team member, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

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an office team doing a corporate away day in the trees
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